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Democracy and Technology

Richard E. Sclove

338 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
July 1995
ISBN 978-0-89862-861-6
Cat. #2861
Price: $38.00 $32.30

This eye-opening book describes how modern technologies—such as computers, automobiles, machine tools, hybrid crops, nuclear reactors, and others—contribute to vexing social problems ranging from the continued subordination of women and workers to widespread political disengagement. Engineers, manufacturers, and policy makers rarely take these consequences into account. Contending that reinvigorated democratic politics can and should supersede conventional economic reasoning as a basis for decisions about technology, Richard Sclove clearly outlines how the general public can become actively involved in all phases of technology decision making, from assessment and policy making to research and development.

Winner— American Political Science Association's Don K. Price Award
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