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Geographies of Muslim Women
Gender, Religion, and Space

Edited by Ghazi-Walid Falah and Caroline Nagel

337 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
March 2005
ISBN 978-1-57230-134-4
Cat. #0134
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“The collections manage to straddle a fine balance between drawing out 'Muslim woman' as a political category and the attendant risk of essentializing the diversity of women in Muslin societies, while at the same time presenting rich and contextualized accounts of the women's lives....This volume is an important contribution to debates beyond geography and cultural politics and will no doubt remain a landmark beyond the initial zeal of publications on Muslim women. It will appeal to readers with an interest in Muslims in non-majority Muslim countries where Islam is struggling to emerge as a heterogonous force against both U.S. influenced neo-conservatism and reactionary trends in religion and faith from different parts of the globe.”

Cultural Geographies

Geographies of Muslim Women is a timely and significant intervention that is destined to become a landmark in feminist conversations in and beyond geography. In the post-9/11 geopolitical context, when we are bombarded with dangerous caricatures of Islam and everything 'Muslim,' this outstanding volume provides us with desperately needed tools to engage, ground, and extend critical questions of representation, difference, political action, and space.”

—Richa Nagar, Department of Women’s Studies, University of Minnesota

“This volume's contributions are original and diverse in terms of region, geographic scale, topical focus, historical period, and methodology, affording the reader insight into the complexity and wide variation among women's lives in the Muslim world—which is today the entire world. This is an engaging book and one I recommend to anyone interested in gender, development, Islam, or geography. It will be an especially rich text from which to teach. Senior undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars—geographers and nongeographers alike—will find this book invaluable.”

—Karen Falconer Al-Hindi, Geography and Women's Studies Programs, University of Nebraska at Omaha

“This collection has everything! It sets a high standard for contemporary geographical theory, original research, and innovative methodologies. It is a timely treatment of one of the least understood and most important topics in today’s world, as it busts cultural myths, challenges stereotypes, takes on moral issues, and provides a rich sense of everyday lives and landscapes. It will gain notice as the best that human geography has to offer.”

—Audrey Kobayashi, Department of Geography, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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