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Handbook of Psychopathy

Edited by Christopher J. Patrick

651 Pages
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June 2007
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October 2005
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I. Theoretical and Empirical Foundations

1. Psychopathic Personality: The Scope of the Problem, David T. Lykken

2. A Dual-Deficit Model of Psychopathy, Don C. Fowles and Lilian Dindo

3. Other Theoretical Models of Psychopathy, Ronald Blackburn

4. The PCL-R Assessment of Psychopathy: Development, Structural Properties, and New Directions, Robert D. Hare and Craig S. Neumann

II. Issues in Conceptualization and Assessment

5. Facets of Clinical Psychopathy: Toward Clearer Measurement, David J. Cooke, Christine Michie, and Stephen D. Hart

6. The Self-Report Assessment of Psychopathy: Problems, Pitfalls, and Promises, Scott O. Lilienfeld and Katherine A. Fowler

7. Psychopathy and Personality, Donald R. Lynam and Karen J. Derefinko

8. Psychopathy and DSM-IV Psychopathology, Thomas A. Widiger

9. Disaggregating Psychopathy: Where and How to Look for Subtypes, Norman G. Poythress and Jennifer L. Skeem

10. Perspectives on the Conceptualization of Psychopathy: Toward an Integration, Robert F. Krueger

III. Etiological Mechanisms

11. Genetic and Environmental Influences on Psychopathy and Antisocial Behavior, Irwin D. Waldman and Soo Hyun Rhee

12. Family Background and Psychopathy, David P. Farrington

13. Neurochemistry and Pharmacology of Psychopathy and Related Disorders, Michael J. Minzenberg and Larry J. Siever

14. The Neuroanatomical Bases of Psychopathy: A Review of Brain Imaging Findings, Adrian Raine and Yaling Yang

15. Subcortical Brain Systems in Psychopathy: The Amygdala and Associated Structures, R. J. R. Blair

16. The Functional Architecture of the Frontal Lobes: Implications for Research with Psychopathic Offenders, Robert D. Rogers

17. Understanding Psychopathy: The Cognitive Side, Kristina D. Hiatt and Joseph P. Newman

18. Psychopathy and Developmental Pathways to Antisocial Behavior in Youth, Paul J. Frick and Monica A. Marsee

19. Toward an Integrated Perspective on the Etiology of Psychopathy, Angus W. MacDonald III and William G. Iacono

IV. Psychopathy in Specific Subpopulations

20. Psychopathy in Children and Adolescents, Randall T. Salekin

21. Psychopathy in Women: Assessment, Manifestations, and Etiology, Edelyn Verona and Jennifer Vitale

22. Ethnic and Cultural Variations in Psychopathy, Elizabeth A. Sullivan and David S. Kosson

23. The "Successful" Psychopath: Adaptive and Subclinical Manifestations of Psychopathy in the General Population, Jason R. Hall and Stephen D. Benning

V. Clinical and Applied Issues

24. Psychopathy and Aggression, Stephen Porter and Michael Woodworth

25. Psychopathy and Substance Use Disorders, Jeanette Taylor and Alan R. Lang

26. The Role of Psychopathy in Sexual Coercion against Women, Raymond A. Knight and Jean-Pierre Guay

27. Risk for Criminal Recidivism: The Role of Psychopathy, Kevin S. Douglas, Gina M. Vincent, and John F. Edens

28. Treatment of Psychopathy: A Review of Empirical Findings, Grant T. Harris and Marnie E. Rice

29. Legal and Ethical Issues in the Assessment and Treatment of Psychopathy, John F. Edens and John Petrila

30. Toward the Future: Translating Basic Research into Prevention and Treatment Strategies, Michael C. Seto and Vernon L. Quinsey

IV. Conclusions and Future Directions

31. Back to the Future: Cleckley as a Guide to the Next Generation of Psychopathy Research, Christopher J. Patrick

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