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Minding Nature
The Philosophers of Ecology

Edited by David Macauley

355 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
March 1996
ISBN 978-1-57230-059-0
Cat. #0059
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March 1996
ISBN 978-1-57230-058-3
Cat. #0058
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Introduction: Greening Philosophy and Democratizing Ecology, David Macauley

1. Nature as Artifact: Thomas Hobbes, the Bible, and Modernity, Frank Coleman

2. Charles Fourier: Proto-Red-Green, Joan Roelofs

3. Martin Heidegger: Antinaturalistic Critic of Technological Modernity, Michael E. Zimmerman

4. Merleau-Ponty and the Voice of the Earth, David Abram

5. Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Place: From Earth Alienation to Oikos, David Macauley

6. Ernst Bloch, Natural Rights, and the Greens, John Ely

7. The Outcry of Mute Things: Hans Jonas's Imperative of Responsibility, Lawrence Vogel

8. Domination and Utopia: Marcuse's Discourse on Nature, Psyche, and Culture, Henry T. Blanke

9. Lewis Mumford, The Forgotten American Environmentalist: An Essay in

Rehabilitation, Ramachandra Guha

10. Change and Continuity in Environmental World-View: The Politics of Nature in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Yaakov Garb

11. The Commoner Ehrlich Debate: Environmentalism and the Politics of Survival, Andrew Feenberg

12. The Problem of Nature in the Work of Jürgen Habermas, Joel Whitebook

13. Social Ecology and Social Labor: A Consideration and Critique of Murray Bookchin, Alan Rudy and Andrew Light

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