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Minding Nature
The Philosophers of Ecology

Edited by David Macauley

355 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
March 1996
ISBN 978-1-57230-059-0
Cat. #0059
Price: $39.00 $33.15
March 1996
ISBN 978-1-57230-058-3
Cat. #0058
Price: $70.00 $59.50

“....Provides a solid overview of ecological philosophy and original insights into a developing field of philosophical inquiry....Individually, these essays provide new perspectives on major philosophers and social thinkers. Taken together, they shed new light on the relationship between ecology, political economy, and social theory. Minding Nature would make a superlative addition to any philosophy or ecological studies reading list!”

Wisconsin Bookwatch

“An important book for those interested in environmental philosophy.”


“An important book for those interested in environmental philosophy.”

—F.T. Kuserk, Moravian College, in Choice

“...Editor David Macauley provides an excellent introduction that summarizes the articles and serves as a guide to the readings. All of the articles are well organized and well written; all are heavily documented, and the citations are excellent bibliographic resources.”

—James Riley Chrisman, Black Hills State University, Science Books and Films

“It is good to have these great philosophers cast, as they so rarely are, in a clear ecological light. It helps not only to understand their work in a fresh new way but to realize how in a sense all important philosophy in this age can best be seen as a branch of the study of nature itself.”

—Kirkpatrick Sale, author of The Green Revolution : The American Environmental Movement 1962-92 and Dwellers in the Land: The Bioregional Vision

“In Minding Nature, David Macauley has done a great service by bringing together a wide range of critical commentary on the most developed modern philosophical positions concerning the relations between humanity and nature. The collection is unique and of great scholarly value. However, its importance transcends a merely academic interest. For these are shoulders to stand upon if we are to envision a way out of the ecological crisis that threatens to destroy civilization and lay waste to the earth.”

—Joel Kovel, Bard College

Minding Nature provides a fascinating study of how major philosophers from Hobbes to Arendt have viewed nature, and clearly articulates the social and human implications of their ideas. This lucid, original, and insightful collection of essays not only casts new light on each thinker, it reminds us that visions of nature are also visions of what it means to be human. Highly recommended for advanced courses in philosophy, political theory, intellectual history, and ecology.”

—Roger W. Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Government, College of William and Mary

“This book is a welcome contribution to the ongoing project of recognizing nature as an essential element in critical social theory. Each of these essays discusses important thinkers from perspectives which acknowledge the depths of our ecological crisis. They help meet our need to develop a new politics of nature.”

—Andrew McLaughlin, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Lehman College, City University of New York

“Makes an important contribution to ecological social theory. It distinguishes itself by the unusual abundance of careful analysis, erudition, and critical thought exhibited in the diverse essays. The work will help give a sounder philosophical grounding to many of the debates in contemporary Green political thought.”

—John P. Clark, Philosophy & Environmental Studies, Loyola University

“...a very welcome work that helps expand the context of discussion in contemporary ecological philosophy...One of the strengths of the book is its grounding in the history of philosophy....makes a very valuable contribution to deepening and broadening the scope of ecological philosophy in general and political ecology in particular.”

—John Clark, Environmental Ethics
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