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Rethinking Mental Health and Disorder
Feminist Perspectives

Edited by Mary Ballou and Laura S. Brown

314 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
September 2002
ISBN 978-1-57230-799-5
Cat. #0799
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I. Developing Feminist Theories

1. Unfinished Business: Postmodern Feminism in Personality Psychology

Jeanne Marecek

2. A Feminist Critique of Attachment Theory and Evolutionary Psychology

Susan Contratto

3. New Developments in Relational-Cultural Theory

Judith V. Jordan and Linda M. Hartling

4. Constructing Identities: A Feminist, Culturally Contextualized Alternative to "Personality"

Karen Suyemoto

5. Toward a Feminist Ecological Theory of Human Nature: Theory Building in Response to Real-World Dynamics

Mary Ballou, Atsushi Matsumoto, and Michael Wagner

II. Psychopathology

6. Somatoform and Pain Disorders

Denise Webster

7. Raging Hormones?: Feminist Perspectives on Premenstrual Syndrome and Postpartum Depression

Joan C. Chrisler and Ingrid Johnston-Robledo

8. Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Women: Phenomenology and Prevention

Lynn H. Collins

9. The Chrysalis Program: A Feminist Treatment Community for Individuals Diagnosed as Personality Disordered

Margo Rivera

10. Contextual and Developmental Frameworks in Diagnosing Children and Adolescents

Natalie Porter

11. Depression and Schizophrenia in Women: The Intersection of Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Class

Elizabeth Sparks

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