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Self-Help Approaches for Obesity and Eating Disorders
Research and Practice

Edited by Janet D. Latner and G. Terence Wilson

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April 2007
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I. Independent (Unguided) Self-Help

1. Self-Guided Approaches to Weight Loss, Meghan Butryn, Suzanne Phelan, and Rena R. Wing

2. Popular and Fad Diet Programs: Nutritional Adequacy, Safety, and Efficacy, Allison Stevens, Emily Dionne, and Johanna Dwyer

II. Partially Assisted (Guided) Self-Help

3. Self-Help Strategies for Promoting and Maintaining Physical Activity, Bess H. Marcus, David M. Williams, and Jessica A. Whiteley

4. Guided Self-Help for Binge-Eating Disorder, Carlos M. Grilo

5. Guided Self-Help for Bulimia Nervosa, Robyn Sysko and B. Timothy Walsh

6. Self-Help Treatment for Body-Image Disturbances, Joshua I. Hrabosky and Thomas F. Cash

III. Computer-Assisted Self-Help

7. Internet-Based Prevention and Treatment of Obesity and Body Dissatisfaction, C. Barr Taylor and Megan Jones

8. Computer-Based Intervention for Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating, Ulrike Schmidt and Miriam Grover

IV. Group Self-Help

9. Commercial and Organized Self-Help Programs for Weight Management, Adam Gilden Tsai and Thomas A. Wadden

10. Guided Group Support and the Long-Term Management of Obesity, Vanessa A. Milsom, Michael G. Perri, and W. Jack Rejeski

11. Continuing Care and Self-Help in the Treatment of Obesity, Janet D. Latner and G. Terence Wilson

V. Practical Strategies and Considerations

12. Behavioral Obesity Treatment Translated, Delia Smith West, Stacy A. Gore, and Natalie K. Lueders

13. Prevention of Overweight with Young Children and Families, Meredith S. Dolan and Myles S. Faith

14. Treatment of Overweight Children: Practical Strategies for Parents, Kathryn E. Henderson and Marlene B. Schwartz

15. Self-Help for Night-Eating Syndrome, Kelly C. Allison and Albert J. Stunkard

16. Appetite-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Binge Eating, Virginia V. W. McIntosh, Jennifer Jordan, Janet D. Carter, Janet D. Latner, and Alison Wallace

17. Strategies for Coping with the Stigma of Obesity, Rebecca M. Puhl and Kelly D. Brownell

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