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Strengthening Family Resilience
Second Edition

Froma Walsh

384 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
September 2011
ISBN 978-1-4625-0331-5
Cat. #0331
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August 2006
ISBN 978-1-59385-186-6
Cat. #5186
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March 2011
ISBN 978-1-60623-840-0
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“Walsh intends to show us how to think about families from a perspective that will help families and communities face extraordinary changes. She eloquently describes how therapists can shift their perspective to promote resilience. This is a strong work—not simply aspirational but practical, prescriptive, and well reasoned. The book is well grounded in scholarly traditions and contemporary empirical work, and is wonderfully fleshed out with crisp case material. It will be an important eye-opener for therapists in training and an excellent source of pragmatic inspiration for clinicians in the field. It is strongly recommended to both groups of readers.”


“Masterfully integrates decades of family therapy research and practice. Dr. Walsh's scholarship, experience, and wisdom are evident throughout the text.”

Families in Society

“In this invigorating read, Froma Walsh normalizes the vast adverse experiences of families and takes her readers through the journey of resiliency, challenging the problem-focused mindset offered by other therapeutic modalities....The text includes a strong theoretical base, while offering key experiences of the author in her own process of understanding resiliency. The book is nicely organized into four sections that make it clear and easy to follow....This book is a 'must-read.' Students and seasoned clinicians can find ways to apply the resiliency framework regardless of therapeutic modality. It remains true to systemic nature of MFT and will make a significant contribution to training programs.”

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

“A landmark book for all who value a family strengths approach to working with families.... Required reading for anyone serious about family ministry today.”

Family Ministry

“Anyone working with families in crises will learn much from this highly readable and refreshing book.”

Child & Family Professional

“Provides a fresh, innovative perspective....A solid acquisition on a timely topic.”


“Opens up some new ways for understanding families, making assessments, and interventions through an understanding of individual and family resilience that can refuel one's therapeutic work with individuals, couples, and families. The book should be read by mental health professionals from all disciplines and used for teaching purposes by mental health educators.”

Social Service Review

“Among the many reasons I require this text for my graduate classes is that it casts a vision of hope—hope for families, for recovery, and for connection. Walsh strikes an ideal balance between research, theory, and practical application, and does so in a way that is accessible to students as well as mental health providers. This book fits flawlessly into the contemporary paradigm shift away from pathology and illness and toward resilience and health.”

—Wendy Dickinson, PhD, Instructor, Department of Counseling and Psychological Services, Georgia State University

“While most therapists search for a cure for an illness, Froma Walsh explores the potential in families for wellness. This book highlights the multiple causes that may contribute to family distress, and then, with a powerful lens of hope, explores the varied avenues that family members can take to increase family and individual resilience. Strengthening Family Resilience is an antidote to the simplistic labeling of diagnostic manuals. Therapists will change their ways of thinking about healing after reading this remarkable book.”

—Salvador Minuchin, MD

“The world has changed since the original publication of Strengthening Family Resilience, and this reality is apparent on every page of Froma Walsh's fine second edition of her classic and soon-to-be-classic-again book. Walsh provides a thoughtful integration of theory and practice, principles and questions, leavened with the humility that thinking deeply in such complex times deserves. She has strengthened the new edition with attention to a wider variety of challenging circumstances that families face, and emphasizes collaborative and community-based approaches to assisting families in hard times. This book will appeal to students and seasoned clinicians alike.”

—Kaethe Weingarten, PhD, Harvard Medical School

“Froma Walsh has done it again! In this outstanding second edition, she provides an informative, comprehensive, and positive guide for students and professionals. Walsh writes in a crystal-clear, practical way. She outlines those factors in human development and community life that foster resilience, and illustrates ways to help families delve inward into untapped spiritual and emotional resources, and reach outward to connect with others. Her framework has the elasticity to encompass the wide variety of families of the 21st century. Walsh’s work transforms the usual pathologizing approach to adversity, offering an uplifting orientation that is deeply needed in our field.”

—Monica McGoldrick, LCSW, PhD (h.c.), Multicultural Family Institute, Highland Park, New Jersey

“In this era of stress and uncertainty, Walsh brings us a framework for hope and healing. This second edition updates and expands what has become a classic text in the psychotherapy literature. Providing an integrated view of resilience and reconciliation, the book helps us understand how the human spirit can withstand and grow from trauma, and shows what professionals can do to build on client and family strengths. This book is 'must' reading for all health and human service professionals who practice with individuals, couples, families, and communities.”

—Susan H McDaniel, PhD, University of Rochester
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