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Suicide and Homicide among Adolescents

Paul C. Holinger, Daniel Offer, James T. Barter, and Carl C. Bell

229 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
April 1994
ISBN 978-0-89862-788-6
Cat. #2788
Price: $47.00 $39.95

The problem of violence among youth has become increasingly serious. Issues related to adolescent suicide and, to a lesser extent, adolescent homicide have been addressed in the literature, yet few experts have focused on the connections that exist between the two.
This groundbreaking volume examines the clinical and epidemiologic similarities and differences between youth suicide and homicide, offering valuable insights into both issues, and providing a foundation for the development of public health policies and prevention strategies. The authors address such questions as:
  • What are the current rates of adolescent homicide and suicide? What are the long-term trends?
  • What is the relationship between homicide and suicide?
  • Is there more of a problem now than in years past?
  • Is there a relationship between youth violence and the media?
  • Who is most likely to commit suicide and/or homicide?
  • What types of treatment and prevention strategies might prove most effective?
Ideal for professionals in the various mental health fields, this book is also valuable for anyone working with homicide offenders and the families of suicide and homicide victims, including social workers, politicians, police, clergy, and emergency room personnel.
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