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Teaching Literacy in Fourth Grade

Denise Johnson

182 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"
May 2008
ISBN 978-1-59385-751-6
Cat. #5751
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October 2013
ISBN 978-1-4625-1482-3
PDF format
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“The developmental characteristics that make fourth graders unique are clearly articulated in this book. Johnson knows fourth graders and the literacy challenges they face. She offers practical suggestions for instruction, focusing on good pedagogy over test preparation, on the integration of nonfiction texts, and on authentic classroom assessments. Novice teachers of fourth-grade students will find a wealth of information.”

—Linda T. Parsons, PhD, School of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University at Marion

“What a wonderful text! Not only do you learn about teaching literacy for the fourth-grade level, but you learn about the whole student who is a fourth grader. This is an important and helpful book for teachers of younger children, too, who want to prepare them for that next step.”

—John Scovill, Jr., MEd, teacher, Washington County School District, St. George, Utah

“Johnson has a clear understanding of the emotional and instructional needs of fourth graders. This book is well organized, beginning with a broad look at fourth-grade children and teaching standards, then narrowing to a focus on individual classrooms and individual learners. Johnson takes a balanced literacy stance, sharing information and examples that help teachers understand how to provide authentic instruction that will bring enjoyment and rigor to their fourth-grade literacy programs. The chapter on assessment is particularly strong, and the book's focus on differentiation is right on!”

—Debbie Rickards, PhD, instructional coordinator, Shreve Island Elementary School, Shreveport, Louisiana

“In Teaching Literacy in Fourth Grade, Johnson offers a coherent and richly detailed example of high-quality instruction for upper-elementary students. The book provides an array of theoretically sound practices, emphasizing that significant opportunities to read and write in language arts class and across the school day are what matters most in fourth grade. Preservice teachers will find this text exceptionally readable and engaging.”

—Gay Ivey, PhD, College of Education, James Madison University
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