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Teaching Problem Students

Jere Brophy

466 Pages
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Copyright Date: 1996
July 2003
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I. General Principles and Techniques for Managing Classrooms and Coping with Problem Students

1. Choosing to Work with Problem Students and Creating a Context for Doing So Successfully

2. General Principles and Techniques for Socializing Students and Resolving Conflicts

3. Overview of Classroom Strategy Study

II. Students with Achievement Problems

4. Low-Achieving Students

5. Failure Syndrome Students

6. Overly Perfectionistic Students

7. Underachieving Students

III. Students with Hostility Problems

8. Hostile-Aggressive Students

9. Passive-Aggressive Students

10. Defiant Students

IV. Students with Role-Adjustment Problems

11. Hyperactive Students

12. Distractible Students

13. Immature Students

V. Students with Social Relationship Problems

14. Students Rejected by Their Peers

15. Shy/Withdrawn Students

VI. Conclusion

16. Looking Back—and Ahead

Appendix A. The Classroom Strategy Study

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