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The Science & Society Reader, 1

Edited by David Laibman

271 Pages
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August 2011
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June 2011
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I. Political Economy and Economics

· The Commodity-Form and the Dialectical Method: On the Structure of Marx’s Exposition in Chapter 1 of Capital, Guido Starosta

· Globalization Today: At the Borders of Class and State Theory, William K. Tabb

II. Historical Materialism and Social Theory

· Marx and Engels on the Scottish Highlands, Neil Davidson

· The Meanings of “Bourgeois Revolution”: Conceptualizing the French Revolution, Bertell Nygaard

III. Philosophy, Language and Literature

· Vygotsky and Lenin on Learning: The Parallel Structures of Individual and Social Development, Wayne Au

· Pulp Fiction: The Aesthetics of Anti-Radicalism in William Faulkner’s Light in August, Gregory Meyerson and Jim Neilson

IV. Working-Class and Popular History

· A Cold War at International Harvester: The Schachtmanites and the Farm Equipment Workers Union’s Demise, 1946–1955, Victor G. Devinatz

· Frank Sinatra: The Popular Front and an American Icon, Gerald Meyer

V. Socialism and Socialist Theory

· Democratic Planned Socialism: Feasible Economic Procedures, Al Campbell

· Is Russia Becoming Capitalist?, David M. Kotz

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