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Three Strikes
Labor's Heartland Losses and What They Mean for Working Americans

Stephen Franklin

308 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2001
September 2002
ISBN 978-1-57230-797-1
Cat. #0797
Price: $30.00 $25.50

Foreword, William Serrin

Introduction: On Work, Writing about Work, and the Workers in Decatur

I. They Lead the Way

1. Destined to Do Right: Larry Solomon, Union Man, versus Caterpillar

2. Searching for a Strategy: Staley, a Small-Town Family Business, Goes Global

3. Labor's Savior?: Ray Rogers, Slayer of Corporate Battle Plans

4. A Leader for the New World Business Order: Don Fites Remakes Caterpillar's Ambitions

5. An Honest-to-Goodness Hard-Liner: Bill Casstevens, Career UAW Man

II. A Blue-Collar Legacy: Working in History's Wake

6. On the Prairie's Terms

7. Factory Town USA

8. The Great Industrial Slide and Washout: A Storm Cloud in American History?

9. The Scab Ascendancy: How Weakened Unions Got Even Weaker

III. A Call to Arms

10. Sizing Up the Enemy

11. The New Paladins: Guardians at the Gates

12. Collapse and Surrender

13. A Historical Question: What If . . . ?

14. Forming a Second Front: The Staley Workers Join the Fray

15. A Third Flank: The Tire Workers Go on Strike and the Beginning of the End of a Longtime Union

IV. Skirmishes and Sieges

16. Living amid Fear and Hatred: The Strikebreakers

17. The New Law of a Larger Land: The Gladiator Companies

18. No Help Here: The Trade Union Workers

19. Lost in a Maze: The NLRB

V. Rallying

20. Hit and Run at Caterpillar

21. Desperately Seeking Solutions

22. The Ballot Box Rebellion

23. The Road Warriors Meet the Labor Mandarins

VI. Surrender and Retreat

24. Slumbering into Oblivion

25. Still Waiting for Victory¿Or Something

26. A Sad Armistice: The Staley Workers Lose Out

27. All Things Fall Apart: The Caterpillar Workers Suffer Defeat Too

28. An Unexpected Good-Bye: The Bridgestone/Firestone Workers Lose Some of Their History

VII. Heartfelt Losses

29. Unhealing Wounds

30. Leave No Bodies Behind: The Autoworkers Live Up to Their Word

31. Strategic Instincts: The Steelworkers Think Globally

32. Lost on Eldorado

Epilogue: Heartbreak in the Heartland

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