Winter Blues Survival Guide A Workbook for Overcoming SAD Norman E. Rosenthal and Christine M. Benton
275 Pages
Size: 8" x 10½"
A Paperback Original
September 26, 2013
ISBN 9781462512324
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PDF e-Book
September 26, 2013
ISBN 9781462512751
Price: $18.95 $16.11order

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If you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), take heart. A range of effective treatments and preventive measures can help you feel healthy and productive, even on the darkest days. Yet when depression kicks in, it's tough to mobilize yourself to find and use the information you need to feel better. That's where this skillfully crafted workbook comes in. Leading SAD expert Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal guides you step by step to:
  • Record your symptoms, such as low moods, fatigue, sleep problems, and food cravings.
  • Gain awareness of your seasonal patterns—to anticipate problems before they arise.
  • Determine which remedies to try, including light therapy, meditation, lifestyle changes, antidepressants, and psychotherapy.
  • Keep track of what works and how long it takes for symptoms to improve.
  • Spend your high-energy months equipping yourself for the times when energy is low.
By working through the book's simple checklists and fill-in-the-blank forms (you can download and print additional copies as needed), you'll create your own blueprint for greater well-being all year long. Let there be light!

See also Dr. Rosenthal's Winter Blues, Fourth Edition, which provides a comprehensive overview of SAD and its treatment.

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