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Assessment Instruments

We are pleased to offer assessment instruments to accompany William R. Miller, Alyssa A. Forcehimes, and Allen Zweben's Treating Addiction: A Guide for Professionals, providing easy access to a variety of measures for screening and assessment tasks relevant to addiction treatment.

For clinicians’ use and convenience, the assessment tools are provided here in downloadable form. These instruments were chosen because (1) they have a solid science base of demonstrated reliability, validity, and/or utility, and (2) they are in the public domain or their authors made them available free of charge. The instruments can be downloaded and used without further permission.

Questionnaires (Q) and Interviews (I):

Download a Guide for Using Assessment Instruments

Treating Addiction
Addiction Severity Index (ASI) I Evaluate nature and severity of drug problems Chapter 5
Alcohol Abstinence Self-Efficacy Scale (AASE) Q Assess temptation and confidence across various potential drinking situations Chapter 5
Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire Q Assess positive expectancies for the effects of alcohol Chapter 5
Alcohol Screening Question I Screening for at-risk alcohol use Chapter 5
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test Q Screening for possible alcohol problems Chapter 5
Change Questionnaire Q Assess motivation for change Chapter 5
Change Rulers I Assess importance/confidence for change Chapter 7
Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment (CIWA-Ar) I Assess risk of alcohol withdrawal Chapter 6, Box 6.3, Chapter 15
Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment I Assess severity of cocaine use disorder Chapter 6, Box 6.4
Desired Effects of Drinking Questionnaire Q Assess motivations for alcohol use Chapters 8 and 18, Box 18.1
Drinker Inventory of Consequences (DrInC) Q Assess severity of alcohol-related problems Chapter 5
Drug Abuse Screening Question I Screening for at-risk drug use Chapter 5
Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) Q Screen for possible drug problems Chapter 5
Form 90 I Comprehensive assessment of alcohol/drug use and related problems Chapter 5
Important People Instrument I Assessing social support for drinking, abstinence, and treatment Chapter 4
Inventory of Drug Use Consequences (InDUC) Q Assess severity of drug-related problems Chapter 5
Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) Q Screen for possible alcohol problems Chapter 5
NIDA-Modified ASSIST IQ Screen for at-risk drug use in health care Chapter 5
Personal Values Card Sort I Assess core values Chapter 21, Box 21.3
Personal Happiness Scale Q Assess happiness in areas of life functioning Chapter 11, Box 11.2
Quantity/Frequency/Variability Quick Interview (QFV) I Quick assessment of recent drinking Chapter 2
Readiness to Change Q Quick assessment of current stage of readiness to change alcohol use Chapter 5, Box 5.4
Services Request Form Q Identify additional case management services needed Chapter 8, Box 8.1
SOCRATES Q Assess motivation for change Chapter 5
Subjective Opiate Withdrawal Scale (SOWS) Q Assess severity of opiate withdrawal Chapter 6
University of Rhode Island Change Assessment (URICA) Q Assess stages of change Chapter 5
What I Want from Treatment / What I Got from Treatment Q Assess perceived treatment needs Chapter 7, Box 7.3


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