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Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools
Functional Behavioral Assessment

Deanne A. Crone and Robert H. Horner

171 Pages
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January 2003
ISBN 978-1-57230-818-3
Cat. #0818
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March 2011
ISBN 978-1-60623-423-5
PDF format
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“Overall, we think the authors have taken a complicated process and have broken it down into manageable steps. Their approach is facilitated by the conversational writing style employed and [the] resulting easy reading level....A valuable resource for use in creating behavior support teams in schools by practitioners....The authors have provided an excellent framework for successfully implementing IDEA 1997 requirements and recommendations with respect to FBA.”

School Psychology Quarterly

“Despite federal mandates for functional behavior assessment and planning, school districts nationwide still lack the capacity to use FBA procedures to help challenging students succeed. This is the first text I have found that provides systemic strategies to embed positive behavioral support into the fabric of school routines and practice. While Crone and Horner emphasize the need for increased training and staff resources, their model respects the time and fiscal constraints facing practitioners. Their suggested continuum of support provides a pragmatic decision tree for adjusting the intensity of behavioral assessment to the complexity of students' behavior problems. I recommend this text for courses on ecobehavioral interventions in schools and for school psychology practica. The text's frank pragmatism and its sensitivity to systemic features of schools make it an excellent choice for the pivotal courses that bridge university recommendations for best practices with school mandates for realistic practice.”

—Beth Doll, PhD, School Psychology Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“A concise and clear exposition of a proven approach to addressing serious behavior problems in schools. Using functional behavioral assessment, the authors offer a step-by-step guide to developing effective positive behavior support plans as required by IDEA 1997. The book is replete with many useful examples, checklists, and forms that facilitate the work of school psychologists, special educators, and counselors. This is a valuable resource for making schools more safe and responsive to children's needs. It is also a suitable text for use in graduate education.”

—Jonathan Sandoval, PhD, Division of Education, University of California, Davis.

“Crone and Horner have put together an incredibly helpful resource for school personnel facing the huge challenges of students with significant behavior problems. This book offers a clear blueprint for leaders and members of behavior support teams, outlining in clear and achievable steps the process of putting together support systems based in functional behavioral assessment. All types of educational personnel, including school psychologists, teachers, special educators, and administrators, will find this an invaluable text for identifying behavior problems and implementing real solutions. The book is replete with helpful examples and practical forms that help move the notion of positive support from idea into action.”

—Judith J. Carta, PhD, Juniper Gardens Children's Project, University of Kansas
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