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Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools
Functional Behavioral Assessment

Deanne A. Crone and Robert H. Horner

171 Pages
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January 2003
ISBN 978-1-57230-818-3
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March 2011
ISBN 978-1-60623-423-5
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I. Using Functional Behavioral Assessment in Schools: Contexts and Challenges

1. Functional Behavioral Assessment in Schools: The Current Context

2. Changing the Way We Think about Assessment and Intervention for Problem Behavior

II. Embedding Functional Behavioral Assessment within School Systems: Case Examples

3. Conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment

4. Designing a Behavior Support Plan

5. Evaluating and Modifying the Behavior Support Plan

III. Using Functional Behavioral Assessment within School Systems:

Questions and Considerations

6. Who Will Be Involved in the Behavior Support Team and What Is Needed from Each Person?

7. How Do You Get the Behavior Support Team to Work Together as a Team?

8. How Do You Generate within-Building Capacity for FBA on the Behavior Support Team?


Appendix A Request for Assistance Form

Appendix B Functional Behavioral Assessment-Behavior Support Plan Protocol (F-BSP Protocol)

Appendix C Functional Assessment Checklist for Teachers and Staff (FACTS)

Appendix D Student-Guided Functional Assessment Interview (Primary)

Appendix E Assessing Activity Routines Form

Appendix F Brief Functional Assessment Interview Form

Appendix G Functional Behavioral Assessment Observation Form

Appendix H Functional Assessment Observation Form

Appendix I A Checklist for Assessing the Quality of Behavior Support Planning: Does the Plan (or Planning Process) Have These Features?



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