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Method Meets Art
Arts-Based Research Practice

Patricia Leavy

286 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
July 2008
ISBN 978-1-59385-259-7
Cat. #5259
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July 2008
ISBN 978-1-59385-843-8
Cat. #5843
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April 2013
ISBN 978-1-4625-1241-6
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1. Social Research and the Creative Arts: An Introduction, Patricia Leavy

2. Narrative Inquiry, Patricia Leavy

* What Kind of Mother…?: An Ethnographic Short Story, Karen Scott-Hoy

3. Poetry and Qualitative Research, Patricia Leavy

* Research as Poetry: A Couple Experiences HIV, Cynthia Cannon Poindexter

4. Music and Qualitative Research, Patricia Leavy

* The Role of Music in an Arts-Based Qualitative Inquiry, Norma Daykin

5. Performance Studies, Patricia Leavy

* Exploring Risky Youth Experiences: Popular Theatre as a Participatory, Performative Research Method, Diane Conrad

6. Dance and Movement, Patricia Leavy

* Writing Rhythm: Movement as Method, Mary Beth Cancienne and Celeste N. Snowber

7. The Visual Arts, Patricia Leavy

* Visual Portraits: Integrating Artistic Process into Qualitative Research, Carolyn Jongeward

8. Bridging the Art–Science Divide, Patricia Leavy

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