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Applications of Motivational Interviewing Series
Edited by Stephen Rollnick and William R. Miller

Since the publication of Miller and Rollnick's classic Motivational Interviewing, MI has become hugely popular as a tool for facilitating many different kinds of positive behavior change. This highly practical series details MI approaches for a range of problems and with a variety of populations. Each accessible volume reviews the empirical evidence base and presents easy-to-implement strategies, illuminating concrete examples, and clear-cut guidance on integrating MI with other interventions.

Stephen Rollnick, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Health Care Communication in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health at Cardiff University, UK. Dr. Rollnick has written books on motivational interviewing and health behavior change, has published widely in scientific journals, and has taught practitioners and trainers in many countries throughout the world. William R. Miller, PhD, is Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico. Throughout his career he has developed and evaluated various methods for addiction treatment, including motivational interviewing, behavior therapies, and pharmacotherapies. He has authored more than 40 books and 400 professional and scientific articles and chapters.

Recent Series Releases

Coming in Fall 2012

New Third Edition of Motivational Interviewing!

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