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Guilford titles are available around the world, both in translation and in reprint editions. If you are interested in acquiring translation rights to a Guilford title, this page is designed to provide the information you need. For more information or to inquire about specific books, contact us.

For questions about permissions, please go to our permissions information page.

Please note that Guilford licenses translation and reprint rights to publishers only. Individuals with an interest in translating a Guilford work should contact a local publisher who might be interested, who should then contact Guilford.

Spring 2014 Trade Catalog:

View the Spring 2014 Trade Catalog online. The beginning pages highlight our popular titles for the general reader. New professional titles can be found starting on page 22.

Upcoming Book Fairs and Rights Lists:

    London Book Fair, April 8 - 10, 2014, IRC Table 34P
    Frankfurt Book Fair, October 8 - 12, 2014

For queries and appointments, please see our contact info below.

Past Rights Lists:

Fall 2013 Rights List
Spring 2013 Rights List
Fall 2012 Rights List
Spring 2012 Rights List
Fall 2011 Rights List
Spring 2011 Rights List
Frankfurt Bookfair 2010 Rights List
London Book Fair 2010 Rights List

Finding Information on Guilford Titles:

Guilford's comprehensive search engine (located in the top right corner of this page) makes it easy to look for specific authors, titles, catalog numbers, ISBNs, or keywords, or you can follow the subject area links on the left to find titles in Guilford's main fields.

You may also subscribe to our free e-mail service to receive advance notice of new titles in selected subject areas. You will receive periodic e-mails prior to print announcements that include a complete description of new titles, contributors, tables of contents, reviews, and suggested classroom use.

In addition, we are happy to recommend titles or send publishers' reading copies upon request.

For Agents:

We work with a number of agencies around the world and welcome inquiries from new ones.

Contact Information:

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