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Guilford offers high-quality, practical, evidence-based books on professional development for grades K-6—ideal to meet the goals of your federal grants. Check out the recommended titles on this page, and also browse our education titles for more releases.

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Enhancing Instructional Problem Solving: An Efficient System for Assisting Struggling Learners
-John C. Begeny, Ann C. Schulte, and Kent Johnson
RTI Applications, Volume 1: Academic and Behavioral Interventions
-Matthew K. Burns, T. Chris Riley-Tillman, and Amanda M. VanDerHeyden
Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools, Second Edition: The Behavior Education Program
-Deanne A. Crone, Leanne S. Hawken, and Robert H. Horner
Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom: Promoting Mental Health and Academic Success
-Kenneth W. Merrell and Barbara A. Gueldner
Making Assessment Matter: Using Test Results to Differentiate Reading Instruction
-Nonie K. Lesaux and Sky H. Marietta
Differentiated Reading Instruction in Grades 4 and 5: Strategies and Resources
-Sharon Walpole, Michael C. McKenna, and Zoi A. Philippakos
How to Plan Differentiated Reading Instruction: Resources for Grades K-3
-Sharon Walpole and Michael C. McKenna
Early Intervention for Reading Difficulties: The Interactive Strategies Approach
-Donna M. Scanlon, Kimberly L. Anderson, and Joan M. Sweeney
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