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“By virtue of its concise guidelines for differential diagnosis, its extensive lists of assessment measures, and its concrete practice recommendations, Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders achieves the editors' purpose and will be a valuable reference source for students and professionals engaged in clinical research and practice....It merits being widely cited and appreciated for its affirmation of assessment as an essential component of adequate psychological service delivery and for demonstrating the utility of assessment data as a foundation for effective intervention.”

Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders is a hugely successful endeavor. It is highly recommended as a reference for psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurses, especially those engaged in research or whose practices call for formal assessment.”
Psychiatric Services

“I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the thorough assessment of psychological disorders as well as the relationship between assessment and evidence-based interventions. Antony and Barlow have provided a volume that serves as an important roadmap.”
Psychotherapy Research

“Martin Antony and David Barlow have consolidated contributions from leading experts in the field to create a scholarly and practical volume that reviews optimal methods for integrating assessment into ongoing clinical care. Although other texts are available that focus more specifically on strategies for either assessment or intervention, this book is unique in filling a niche with its emphasis on the integration of assessment into the planning and ongoing evaluation of treatment effects. This volume also is particularly useful given that it is organized largely with regard to content of psychological symptoms and disorders, rather than by assessment modalities, thereby facilitating review by readers interested in certain areas of psychological excellent contribution to the assessment literature, with a unique focus on the utility of assessment measures and strategies for the planning and evaluation of treatment. This volume is likely to be of significant benefit to students, clinicians, and researchers interested in improving life function for people with psychological symptoms and disorders.”
Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

“This large ambitious volume is intended as a guide for assessment and treatment planning in commonly found psychological disorders. There is a clear need, in the present climate which demands economy in therapy, for brief, easily used, and sound assessment techniques. In this book, authors who are leading scientist-practitioners in their respective areas consider a wide range of assessment modalities, including interviews, self-report instruments, psychophysiological measures, and observation....the full range of frequently encountered disorders is covered....This is a timely publication. It is well edited, and well structured. Overall, it is a valuable resource for clinicians, clinical researchers and trainees in clinical psychology, and it is likely to be widely used by these groups.”
Behaviour Research and Therapy

“Now in a timely second edition, this volume is at the forefront of contemporary developments in evidence-based treatment and the increasing emphasis on assessment-based care. This is an authoritative, informative work, written and edited by distinguished authorities in the field. As a text, the book will be of interest to both students and teachers; practicing clinicians wishing to organize treatment planning and delivery around valid assessments will find it a stimulating resource.”
W. John Livesley, MD, PhD, Department of Psychiatry (Emeritus), University of British Columbia, Canada

“This second edition is an essential, state-of-the-art resource for practitioners and clinical researchers alike. It is well written and well edited, and provides thorough, detailed coverage of assessment and treatment planning for all major psychological disorders. Up-to-date chapters are authored by premier researchers. The book is notable for its value as a teaching text for graduate students.”
Michelle G. Newman, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University

“For describing the evidence that supports assessment instruments, this book has no equal. It should be required reading for all clinical psychology graduate students and professionals. With new chapter topics including evidence-based practice and psychometrics, this book sets the standard for the rigorous and sophisticated assessment of mental disorders.”
Howard N. Garb, PhD, Chief, Psychology Research Service, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas

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Martin M. Antony
David H. Barlow

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