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“In Postmodern Theory, Best and Kellner examined the transformation and upheaval of contemporary social and cultural theory. In The Postmodern Turn, they complete the difficult task of extending and deepening their systematic analysis through a far-reaching and definitive survey of seismically active terrain in philosophy, science, and the arts.”
Darrell Y. Hamamoto, PhD, University of California, Davis

“Best and Kellner lead the reader on an illuminating and engaging journey through the often confusing and always contested terrain of postmodernity and its relations to modernity. Their masterful account maps the uneven development of social relations in recent decades, and the attempts of various theoretical, political and cultural movements around the world to advance, to oppose, and always to represent these changes in the context of their differing needs and desires. The authors' own position—respectful and critical of both modern and postmodern projects—provides a welcome respite from the 'culture wars' that all too often these days contain thinking about our pasts, presents, and possible futures. This is an essential text for readers in every discipline and of every political persuasion.”
Sandra Harding, Professor of Education and Women's Studies, UCLA

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Steven Best
Douglas Kellner

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