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“It is unusual and very valuable to have one book that addresses both normal development from infancy through the school years and how to understand and respond to children in distress. The ideas and intervention guidance are well grounded in current research. This is the only text on development that covers most of what beginning professionals need. I will continue to use the third edition for teaching graduate social workers, infant and early childhood professionals, and psychiatric residents.”
Anne R. Gearity, PhD, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota

“This truly indispensable volume can serve as a student text or a reference for working clinicians. Throughout the third edition, Davies has integrated new insights from both the research literature and clinical practice. Rich, detailed case material is used to illustrate the developmental and clinical concepts, and discussions of trauma, attachment and self-regulation are threaded through the entire volume. As a teacher, supervisor, and practicing clinician, I recommend this book most highly. It represents 'evidence-based practice' at its best—clinical work that is deeply imbued with curiosity and soundly embedded in current empirical research on normal and disordered development.”
John Sprinson, PhD, Clinical Director, Seneca Center for Children and Families, Oakland, California

“Written in warm and accessible language, this book provides an in-depth understanding of child development, with immediate connections to intervention and assessment. Theoretical knowledge is expertly woven into suggestions for practice, making this book highly readable and useful. Davies provides plentiful examples that illustrate his points in a colorful way. I would unhesitatingly choose this book for graduate courses in child development and child psychotherapy.”
Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD, PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology, Union Institute and University

“Beautifully written, engaging, and rich with real-world case examples, this book traces development from infancy through preadolescence and illustrates how to apply developmental principles in complex clinical situations. I enthusiastically recommend it as a text for a comprehensive course in child development. The book is well organized for teaching and can be geared to beginning or higher-level students. The updated third edition integrates new research findings in areas such as neuroscience, trauma, foster care, and social policy. Davies writes with wisdom, respect, and warmth for children and the challenges they face. This book will enrich the clinical skills of all clinicians who work with children.”
Debra A. Katz, MD, ‬‪Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Program, University of Kentucky College of Medicine

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Douglas Davies

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