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“Peter Dicken, who has tracked down the 'movers and shapers' of globalization for nearly three decades, has been one of the major movers and shapers in debates in both economic geography and globalization. Once again, he offers a comprehensive account of economic geography globalization, with a masterful examination of how the global economy works and its effects on people and places. The great beauty of Global Shift is its clarity of argument and rigorous interrogation of rich, in-depth, up-to-the-minute empirical sources and examples. Although the four-part structure of the book remains familiar, the contents have been thoroughly updated and extensively rewritten. All the empirical data have been fully updated using the latest available sources as of early 2010, and two new chapters have been written....As always, the book is unequivocally geographic and substantively interdisciplinary....Dicken should be particularly applauded for his balanced yet critical analysis of globalization, carefully situated within the globalization-antiglobalization debate.”
Economic Geography

“Once again, Peter Dicken is at the cutting edge of the analysis of economic globalization and global trends. Global Shift is the authoritative text on these issues.”
David Held, Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Global Governance, London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Global Shift, Sixth Edition, continues to deconstruct globalization to show that distance (economic geography) still matters. Dicken uses insights from international business research to demonstrate that world business activity is more regional than global. Multinational enterprises are at the hub of global production networks and service delivery; they interact with governments and generally act as agents of economic development. In short, economic geography and international business are closely aligned in their approach to globalization.”
Alan Rugman, Henley Business School, University of Reading, United Kingdom

“A magnificent achievement. Since the publication of the first edition of Global Shift in 1986, Peter Dicken has constructed in successive editions a phenomenal record of the changing geography of capital accumulation on a world scale. The sixth edition is an essential companion for anyone concerned to understand the rapid geographical shifts occurring in the world’s economic power relations in these stressful and troubled times.”
David Harvey, Distinguished Professor, Graduate Center, City University of New York

“The best single overview of the changing geography of the global economy. For both established scholars and students, Global Shift introduces, analyzes, and synthesizes current thinking on globalization from business studies, political science, economics, geography, and sociology. It combines readability, depth, and breadth into an approachable tour de force. Anyone teaching a class on the changing global economy will be gratified by the sixth edition's further refinements to what is already the gold standard.”
Martin Kenney, Department of Human and Community Development, University of California, Davis

“I am impressed by how this book continues to evolve. It has opened out to new sectors and new themes, including extractive industries and the environmental implications of a globalized economy. Global Shift is a tremendous resource; it covers a vast empirical range but is always closely attentive to the underlying processes, impacts, and meanings of globalization. Dicken's approach beautifully integrates the economic and the political with problems of equity and ethics—a rare accomplishment. Ideal for undergraduate classes across the social sciences.”
Erica Schoenberger, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

“The premier text for middle- and upper-level courses in economic geography and globalization. The sixth edition provides detailed treatment of the current global financial crisis and a thorough assessment of globalization’s winners and losers. It contains entirely new chapters on mineral extractive industries and on the environmental implications of global production networks. Global Shift continues to be a 'must read' for all students of the global economy.”
Robin Leichenko, Department of Geography, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

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Peter Dicken

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