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“Gersmehl has gathered a broad range of teaching strategies, theoretical and pedagogical perspectives, local and global landscape examples, and well-inferred student mindsets, and shaped them into a guidebook for making the teaching of geography as productive as possible.”
Annals of the Association of American Geographers (on the first edition)

“[This book] can barely contain the enthusiasm the author has for his chosen field and the teaching ideas that seemingly erupt from each page....The hands-on approach that Gersmehl advocates is strengthened by dozens of activities and duplicable resources.”
Education Review (on the first edition)

“This book and CD-ROM provide a very interesting and practical approach to the teaching of spatial thinking skills and analytical geography. It contains a wealth of ideas that would be an excellent resource for preservice teachers and classroom teachers looking for a fresh approach when planning new units of work.”
Geographical Education (on the first edition)

“Gersmehl's presentation of the subject of geography and its role in the world is carefully thought out and clearly defined....I welcomed his careful thinking about themes and concepts and how these should inform curriculum planning....What Gersmehl does particularly well is to model a way in which a geographer, indeed a geography teacher, might think....The style of the book is friendly, even chatty at times, which makes it easy to read....It is always supportive towards teachers and teaching, helping them to navigate through a complex and pressured job, and always encouraging a fascination with the subject.”
International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education (on the first edition)

“This book offers much more than lesson ideas—it is an insightful exploration of the position of geography in today's educational landscape. The third edition is particularly insightful concerning the role of the human brain in spatial learning. This book should be read in all social studies methods classes. Careful consideration of the discussions in this book will help new teachers make a difference in the lives of their future students.”
Steve Jennings, PhD, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

“Gersmehl weaves geographic concepts and principles across content strands and disciplines, including social studies, earth science, math, literacy, and more. Teachers learn how to apply geographic content knowledge through interactive lessons that connect to primary, middle, and high school grade levels, as well as to Common Core standards. The included CD-ROM provides clickable mini-atlases, explanatory presentations, and sample student activities focused around 10 big geographic ideas and their consequences in different world regions. I will continue to use this text in my master's-level Geographic Concepts and Ideas for Teachers course, which is cross-listed in geography and education.”
S. Kay Gandy, EdD, School of Teacher Education, Western Kentucky University

“A 'must read' for all teachers and professors who are serious about geographic education. Gersmehl discusses how geography can be taught within the new educational paradigms; in particular, within the framework of the Common Core. Gersmehl demonstrates the importance of spatial-thinking skills and makes teaching geography doable, even for teachers who think they don't have time.”
Timothy McDonnell, MA, Department of Geosciences, Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York

“The most entertaining and useful book about teaching geography I've ever encountered—should be required reading for social studies teachers. The geek in me loves the references to the latest neuroscience research—knowing how the brain learns is important! At the same time, the teacher in me can't wait to use the practical applications while planning and working with students—because knowing what and how to teach is important, too. Gersmehl's tips for tackling complicated concepts, stimulating spatial-thinking skills, and encouraging the exploration of real problems are just what teachers are looking for as they strive to engage and teach all students.”
Sean McBrady, K-12 Social Studies Consultant, Macomb Intermediate School District, Clinton Township, Michigan

“Beginning with its compelling introduction, Teaching Geography, Third Edition, keeps drawing you in to a deeper understanding of the world. The book is teacher friendly and usable. Gersmehl has long made the case for geography education; here, he continues that case with his own uniquely dry sense of humor and truth-telling. He compellingly argues that no other area of the curriculum can be understood without spatial-thinking skills. This book can be used by any teacher and is a 'must read' for professional development providers.”
David Klemm, MA, Social Studies Consultant, Muskegon Area (Michigan) Intermediate School District

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