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“A valuable contribution to the understanding of the field of urban transportation....The editors have assembled an impressive array of experts in the fields of urban planning, geography, public policy and transportation studies as contributors to the volume....The spread of topics and issues covered by this book will ensure that it will become a ready reference for practicing professionals as well as a good introductory textbook for upper-class undergraduate and beginning graduate students in a variety of fields concerned with understanding urban transportation.”
Regional Studies

“A classic favorite just got even better. The third edition has been thoroughly updated by an all-star cast of experts, with special attention to changing and emerging issues relating to new technology. The result is comprehensive coverage of the key aspects of modern transportation planning. Authors provide balanced treatments of controversial subjects, and are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. This book is an ideal text for introductory upper-division or graduate transportation planning courses taught in geography, urban planning, and civil engineering departments.”
Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis

“Updating a classic text, the third edition of The Geography of Urban Transportation once again captures current trends and issues in a highly dynamic field. A new chapter on information technologies and transportation is especially welcome and timely, as is the revised chapter on geographic information systems for transportation. The Geography of Urban Transportation will continue its prominence as a textbook and reference for the next generation of transportation geographers and planners.”
Harvey J. Miller, Department of Geography, University of Utah

“Few subjects are as elemental as transportation geography in explaining the way cities look and feel. With this significantly revised third edition, this volume reclaims its position as the standard reference, text, and policy guide. Hanson and Giuliano present updated coverage of most of the key research questions in the field, including travel trends by people, goods, and information; urban form-travel behavior linkages; environmental issues; and technical, political, and financial aspects of the planning process. Somewhat broader in scope and more iconoclastic than earlier editions, the volume repackages the goals and means of transportation practice as a broad class of spatial development planning tasks and tools. In particular, the challenges of understanding and influencing the behaviors of travelers, providers, and regulators (in a constantly evolving spatial world) take center stage.”
Randall Crane, UCLA School of Public Policy and Institute of Transportation Studies

The Geography of Urban Transportation, Third Edition covers the waterfront of the contemporary policy themes with which transportation planners and professionals wrestle day in and day out. Written by some of the most perceptive thinkers in the field, this text is highly informative, engaging, and up to date. Whether one is interested in induced travel demand, the impact of hybrid vehicles on highway finance, or transit-oriented development, this volume offers a wealth of empirical insights and critical perspectives. With this third edition, a class reader is no longer needed for an introductory graduate or upper-division undergraduate course in transportation planning. The book's coverage of the literature is so complete that it can easily stand alone as the core text for any course focused on contemporary urban transportation policy issues.”
Robert Cervero, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley

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