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“Police families can, in fact, thrive, and [Kirschman's] got the success stories to prove it. Preparedness is one of the keys to that state, and this book...shows how to get there.”
Library Journal

“This book is as necessary for the overall survival of our law enforcement officers as their vests, weapons, and officer safety tactics. The realities of the job have changed in the post-9/11 world, and the revised edition arrives just in time. Dr. Kirschman provides an in-depth look at the daily challenges facing the law enforcement officer and family, and offers specific strategies for overcoming the pitfalls that potentially take such a heavy toll. This book should be issued to every recruit entering the profession.”
Kevin M. Gilmartin, PhD, author of Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

“When I was Police Chief in Toronto, every graduating police officer received a copy of [i]I Love A Cop[/i]. The revised edition convinces me even more that it is the right thing to do if you wish to promote wellness in your organization. This is a 'must read' for all progressive police leaders who really care about officers and their families.”
David Boothby, Chief of Police (Retired), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Ellen Kirschman

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