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“For almost 30 years, Assessment of Childhood Disorders has served as a guide to the tools used in clinical assessments as well as the issues....Perfect for graduate students and practicing clinicians, as well as behavioral science researchers interested in getting up to date on conditions that may relate to their own work....Much has changed since the last time the text was published (in 1997), and so those who benefited from the earlier edition would do well to update their libraries with this one.”
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“In the truly remarkable introductory chapter, the book describes a uniquely comprehensive and well-thought-through model for integrating evidence-based assessment with knowledge on the multiple contexts and domains of child and family functioning. Subsequent chapters, organized by this overarching model, present diverse measures across common developmental themes. The book will guide researchers and clinicians in comprehensive case formulation and evaluation of clinical and adaptive functioning. It would also be an excellent core text for graduate-level courses in psychopathology or clinical assessment.”
Alan E. Kazdin, PhD, Department of Psychology, Yale University

“Mash and Barkley offer the field an incredible resource with this fourth edition. Leading experts provide the latest information on assessing a broad range of disorders, covering diagnostic criteria and processes; parent, teacher, and self-report instruments; reliability and validity of measures; and strategies for working with individuals, families, and other practitioners. The developmental systems approach taken throughout the text represents a cutting-edge perspective on child and adolescent assessment. Professionals and graduate students will find this an up-to-date, forward-thinking work that will have a strong impact on both research and practice.”
Karen R. Harris, EdD, Peabody College of Education, Vanderbilt University

“Synthesizing a wealth of theoretical, empirical, and practical information, this fourth edition is a tour de force. Despite the title’s emphasis on assessment, the volume moves beyond diagnosis per se to address the many biological and contextual influences on children’s functioning. Its recommendations are informed by current perspectives on converging etiological factors, developmental and situational variations in the manifestations of problems, and the importance of considering both dimensional and categorical models of problem behavior. All serious scholars of child and adolescent psychopathology will want to have this classic work in their library.”
Susan B. Campbell, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh

“Emphasizing a developmental systems approach, and written by experts in the field, this fourth edition is a 'must read' for experienced professionals and students alike. Comprehensive in scope and highly readable, the text is well suited for use in the upper-level undergraduate or graduate classroom. Within its pages, professionals will find a wealth of practical information to guide their work with children, adolescents, and families suffering from early-onset behavioral health disorders. I highly recommend this book.”
Daniel F. Connor, MD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut Medical School

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