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“Merrell, Ervin, and Gimpel Peacock have greatly extended the value of their contributions to the field with this second edition. It provides expanded content in several key areas, including response to intervention. The chapter on working with culturally and linguistically diverse students is particularly strong and provides beginning practitioners with a solid framework for practice. This important text will continue to be a relevant, 'high-value' addition to the required reading list for beginning and intermediate-level students in school psychology.”
Daniel Olympia, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Utah

“This is a great text for introducing students to the roles and functions of the school psychologist. The authors have done an outstanding job of providing a solid and complete foundation for school-based service delivery. I have used this text in graduate training and look forward to incorporating the updated second edition into my courses. I particularly appreciate the expanded discussion of multi-tiered service delivery frameworks, such as response to intervention.”
Sandra M. Chafouleas, PhD, School Psychology Program, University of Connecticut

“The second edition of School Psychology for the 21st Century builds on what was already an excellent, comprehensive text. Updated and expanded coverage of the impact of IDEIA reauthorization, professional ethics, and a number of other key areas keeps the material timely and useful. Thankfully, the book retains all of the elements that make it the selection of choice for most Introduction to School Psychology courses.”
T. Chris Riley-Tillman, PhD, Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri

“This book offers a comprehensive overview of the field, highlighting the critical role that school psychologists play in supporting the academic performance and behavior of all students. The second edition adds information about the expansion of culturally relevant practices, prevention, and the emphasis on system-level change. Graduate students, undergraduates, and practitioners interested in the evolution of school psychology will benefit from reading this outstanding work.”
Wendy M. Reinke, PhD, Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri

“This second edition provides an important update regarding the contextual factors (for example, economic, political) that influence the practice of school psychology. The comprehensive nature of the entire text and the depth found in individual chapters provide an exceptional introduction to school psychology. The text goes beyond the history of the field, asking readers to consider how current issues will affect future practices and professional roles. This book is an excellent match for Introduction to School Psychology and related courses. The questions at the end of each chapter are carefully worded to stimulate meaningful discussions and further exploration of important issues. I honestly had a hard time putting this book down.”
Ellie L. Young, PhD, Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education, Brigham Young University

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Kenneth W. Merrell
Ruth A. Ervin
Gretchen Gimpel Peacock

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