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“Anyone interested in learning the new twists that are taking person-situation research to the next level will want to read this book. 'Personologists' will find much to explore in Walter Mischel and Yuichi Shoda's fine contribution....Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty and professionals.”

“Can you see a figure without a background? Can you understand a person without the situation? Can you appreciate a mind without seeing its world? This book says 'no' in answer to these questions, and suggests instead that the study of psychology must adopt a new maneuver—a thoroughgoing vision of mind as a contextualized and contextualizing engine. The distinguished contributors to this volume offer a new vision of mind by daring to explore it in context.”
Daniel M. Wegner, PhD, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

“The mind is on the loose, no longer stuffed inside the skull! Read all about it in this compelling volume from leaders in the fields of social, cultural, cognitive, and personality psychology and neuropsychology. Heralding a major paradigm shift, The Mind in Context is a highly readable explanation of how the mind extends into the world and why context is an active ingredient of mind. Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, selves, identities, and personalities are not internal entities that control behavior; instead, they emerge in mutual and reciprocal relations between individuals and their environments. An excellent contribution for students of psychology at all levels and for anyone who wants to understand how and why context matters.”
Hazel Rose Markus, PhD, Davis-Brack Professor in the Behavioral Sciences, Department of Psychology, Stanford University

“Revolutions in thought occur when diverse investigators converge on the same insight. In The Mind in Context, a stellar group of scientists explain how phenomena from the genetic and hormonal to the social and cultural reflect processes that are embedded, embodied, and situated. Sixteen readable chapters lead to one overarching conclusion—that the mind we’ve been studying as a noun is probably a verb.”
Gerald L. Clore, PhD, Commonwealth Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia

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