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“I would want to expose students to all of the chapters in this book....The best feature of this book is the outstanding writing. The amount of jargon is kept to a minimum and the clarity of communication is at a maximum.”
Psychotherapy Research

“This book will serve as a text for a graduate or advanced undergraduate course dealing with approaches to psychotherapy. It would also be helpful as a sourcebook for the clinician/therapist wishing to 'come up to speed' on techniques and theories.”
Psychotherapy in Private Practice

“For practitioners, [this book] provides an opportunity to enhance and augment their comprehension of different perspectives of personality and therapy. For the student, it affords an invaluable source of information as they become increasingly aware that no single approach can validly be considered to constitute the ultimate and true approach.”
Transactional Analysis Journal

Essential Psychotherapies is a classic. In the third edition, Messer and Gurman have once again accomplished their goal of providing a thorough exposition of the most important approaches of our field. The chapters are written by foremost authors who cover the waterfront from treatments with deep historical roots (such as dynamic and humanistic approaches) to those associated with empirical traditions (such as behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches), as well as those at the cutting edge (such as third-wave behavioral treatments). There is no more comprehensive and informative volume on this topic. It is the definitive resource for psychotherapy theories courses.”
Bruce E. Wampold, PhD, ABPP, Department of Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“All students, regardless of their theoretical preferences, need to be well versed in the major models of psychotherapy practice. Clinical training faculty have come to depend on this text to provide the essential information about each major model. In the third edition, Messer and Gurman demonstrate their awareness of evolving models by including a chapter on mindfulness, acceptance, and other 'third-wave' behavioral therapies. Instructors will enthusiastically choose this book as a primary text for their classes on psychotherapy theories.”
JoEllen Patterson, PhD, Marital and Family Therapy Program, University of San Diego 

“This book has become a classic in the field. The editors provide an organizational framework for each chapter that makes it easy to compare the therapies. Each chapter presents a different therapy approach, including integrative therapies, and covers both theory and practice, with an extended case example and a section on research. This is an invaluable text for undergraduate and graduate courses on psychotherapy; in my experience, it has been very well received by students. It is one of the best psychotherapy resources I have come across in a long time.”
Hal Arkowitz, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona 

“This book offers a round-the-world tour of psychotherapy for both the student and the experienced practitioner. Chapters by distinguished experts reveal the breadth of the field, highlighting controversies, underlining similarities, taking on sacred cows, and celebrating traditions. Undergraduate teachers, graduate seminar leaders, and training directors will value the structure and clarity of the book as it tackles thorny, unresolved issues of relationship versus technique, integration versus specific models, and the nature of empirical support.”
Richard F. Summers, MD, Co-Director of Residency Training, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

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Stanley B. Messer
Alan S. Gurman

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