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“Gregory Moses' Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Logic of Nonviolence is among the most insightful of the recent scholarly explorations of King's ideas. Moses displays an astute understanding of the continuing importance of King's nonviolent social change strategy during an era in which freedom is increasingly defined by the needs of capitalism. He has given King's writings and statements the serious analytical treatment they deserve but have seldom received. This book will join the short list of essential works on King's thought.”
Clayborne Carson, PhD, editor of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. and The Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader; author of In Struggle, SNCC and the Black Awakening

“Moses does a fine job of situating Martin Luther King, Jr.'s social and political thought in the distinctly African-American intellectual tradition of Douglass, Du Bois, Randolph, Bunche, and Thurman. He has provided an insightful study of King's philosophy of nonviolence. This book is a must read for anyone interested in better understanding King's evolving notions of class struggle and liberation.”
Tommy Lee Lott, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, University of Missouri, St. Louis

“This work is the most powerful philosophical discussion of King's ideas yet. Reaching backward and stretching forward, this work brilliantly shows us that King's idea of nonviolence is a thunderbolt of love relentlessly in search of a better world for humankind. While inviting us to appreciate ever so richly one of the greatest social reformers this country has ever produced, Greg Moses majestically calls upon us to heed the moral challenges before us.”
Laurence Mordekhai Thomas, Professor, Philosophy, Political Science, and Judaic Studies, Syracuse University

“Moses provides an interpretation of King that makes King's view abundantly clear: The power of violence is not absolute; it is not 'there' in human nature as unalterable and given; change is possible through the aegis of nonviolent direct action.”
From the Foreword by Leonard Harris

“Before we even open this book, we have already formed a vision of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the civil rights movement. When we arrive at the end of Moses's analysis, however, our vision is different....We see afresh the logic of nonviolence, and we feel the need to ponder the overlooked consequences of believing in King's moral position.”
From the Foreword by Leonard Harris

“Moses compels the reader to consider Dr. King as one of the worlds most revolutionary thinkers and actors: Conscience, rooted in a love of ethics, as a deep motivating force; social change, rooted in a deep Christian theology, as moral force requiring action; pacifism as a form of bravery and tough mindedness; and the death of racism and segregation as serious goals. Revolution of Conscience faces the structure of inequality, race, and class in the world - as structures we change. We can change these structures through the method of non-violent direct action. The method, and its goals, require justice and love. Moses' interpretation of King draws out King's strongest secular arguments for change and King's revolutionary approach. The spirit of King's attitude toward the toward—a spirit of love—and King's vision of a new world for a new century is captured by Moses. That vision is one which requires radical change in the social structures of inequality, class and race. Moses revises the revolutionary reality of King's historical struggle and uses that reality to enliven an argument for revitalizing King's vision to face and create a new world.”
Leonard Harris

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Greg Moses

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