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“Moskal and Keneman have created a wonderful resource for reading specialists, teachers, and administrators who strive to be the literacy leaders children deserve. The book provides the fundamental knowledge in reading that is necessary to support teachers, plus a range of program models for meeting the needs of diverse readers. Along with practitioners, graduate students in such courses as Literacy Trends and Issues and Administration, Supervision, and Consultation in Literacy will appreciate this text.”
Janice McDowell, MSEd, reading specialist, Wayside Elementary School, Ocean Township (New Jersey) School District

“Preparing to be a literacy leader is like taking a long journey to a new place. One wonders, 'What will the terrain be like? What should I pack? Where can I find help if I need it?' Moskal and Keneman have provided a well-organized, practical guide that both seasoned and novice literacy leaders will find helpful. The book presents detailed snapshots of intervention protocols, staff development models, parent involvement programs, and more, drawn from exemplary schools around the country. It offers the support of an 'educational GPS' for an extremely challenging journey.”
Connie Obrochta, MEd, Reading Recovery teacher leader, Evanston-Skokie (Illinois) School District 65

“This book fills a gap in literacy instruction with its focus on student populations that are not often addressed. The section on schoolwide contexts—which covers technology, community partnerships, and professional development—is particularly useful. Graduate instructors and students will find the text accessible and practical.”
Judith A. Hayn, PhD, Department of Teacher Education, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

“A unique and motivating account of literacy leaders in action. Moskal and Keneman offer a candid, energetic, and passionate look at reading instruction and highlight the work of several literacy leaders who have implemented initiatives that support reading improvement in their K-12 schools. The authors open many classroom doors to reveal how these initiatives are designed and carried out to meet the varied literacy needs of students.”
Leslie K. Landreth, MA, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Education and Allied Studies, John Carroll University

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