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“Combin[es] the knowledge and expertise of numerous acclaimed authors and researchers in the area of AS and other Autism Spectrum Disorders with the practical experience and insight of practitioners and of one individual diagnosed with AS....This volume truly represents a definitive and comprehensive examination of AS as it relates to school professionals. A multitude of information on all current school-based AS issues is presented and the diversity of authors provides both theoretical and personal and practical wisdom on all facets of professional work with children with AS. The chapters on assessment are specifically applicable to school psychologists, as are the chapters detailing classroom interventions. The up-to-date and in-depth information on AS characteristics contributes to the overall knowledge and understanding of school professionals....This volume is unique in its primary focus on the aspects of AS research, characteristics, and interventions most relevant to school professionals, providing a well-rounded, well-researched, and sizable body of information in one easily utilizable reference.”
School Psychology Quarterly

“This book provides a wide-ranging study of many of the complex diagnostic and learning issues in HFA/AS, and it also outlines practical ways in which children and adolescents can be nurtured in school settings. Highly recommended!”
Autism Association of NSW (Australia)

“This volume provides most welcome, practical perspectives on diagnosing, assessing, and educating people with Asperger syndrome (AS). Detailed, informative, and highly readable, the book contains many fascinating and moving accounts of the problems faced in everyday life by people with AS, and describes ways of helping them to cope. It will be a valuable text for students of psychology, education, and social work, and should be required reading for child psychiatrists and pediatricians. Parents of children with AS, and individuals who have the disorder, may also find the book helpful and encouraging.”
Lorna Wing, MD, Centre for Social and Communication Disorders, British National Autistic Society

“This book, written by an internationally recognized 'who's who' of autism spectrum disorder specialists, translates the most recent research in educational and behavioral programming into practical suggestions for therapy and guidance for educational interventions. It will be an invaluable resource for trainees in psychology, education, speech-language pathology, child psychiatry, and many other disciplines, as well as seasoned educators, therapists, and parents seeking the latest information. It will help all of us better meet the needs and capitalize on the talents of this special group of young people.”
Sally Ozonoff, PhD, MIND Institute, University of California, Davis

“Children with Asperger syndrome have unique behavioral and educational problems arising from their paradoxical combination of strengths and difficulties. Readers of this book will learn not only about the nature and range of these difficulties, but also what to do about them. The editors and authors take a pragmatic stance: although much remains to be learned about Asperger syndrome, a lot of practical knowledge has been accumulated and is presented here in accessible form. Teachers, in particular, will find enlightening information about meeting the special needs of students with the disorder.”
Uta Frith, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Psychology, University College London, UK

“This timely volume offers a very helpful summary of diagnostic issues, management approaches for behavior and learning difficulties, and the provision of services in educational settings. Dr. Prior has assembled a diverse, international group of contributors who address the many needs of individuals with Asperger syndrome. This book will be of great value to teachers and clinicians alike.”
Fred Volkmar, MD, Yale University School of Medicine

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Margot Prior

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