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“Questions of motivation—what people want, how they act to achieve it, and how they cope with difficulties along the way—are among the most fundamental in psychology. The present volume assembles an array of rich and exciting perspectives on these questions. It will be indispensable to anyone working on either basic or applied issues of motivation.”
Nira Liberman, PhD, Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University, Israel

“An extremely valuable contribution to a developing field. This is a true handbook—a comprehensive presentation of research and theory across many areas where human motivation plays a critical role. This volume should prove stimulating and informative for all investigators and students of personality, motivation, social cognition, and developmental and biosocial psychology.”
Richard M. Sorrentino, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, Canada

“Possibly every 15 to 20 years a book comes along that is of importance to psychological scientists in all subdisciplines. The Handbook of Motivation Science is such a book. From leading authorities, this volume is an essential reference for understanding the drives, needs, incentives, goals, motives, and self-regulatory processes that dictate human behavior in all its forms, from altruism to prejudice. Motivation was a central concern of early psychologists, but had fallen into neglect until the last few decades. The importance of this handbook lies not only in its glorious comprehensiveness, but also in the amazing void it fills.”
Gordon B. Moskowitz, PhD, Department of Psychology, Lehigh University

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James Y. Shah
Wendi L. Gardner

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