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“While designed primarily for the classroom, where it will be welcomed by students and faculty alike. Dr. Stacks' book promises to be the reference of choice for legions of practitioners who studied history, political science or anthropology in college. Why? Because the author has stripped away the gobbledygook of academic research—to the extent that's possible—and created a user-friendly overview of the subject that most practitioners should be able to digest in a long weekend....The Primer of Public Relations Research should be a part of every practitioner's library.”
Public Relations Quarterly (on previous edition)

“The book's excellent organization makes it easy to use as a reference. If you have a specific question, there is more than likely a section that addresses it in a concise manner.”
The Measurement Standard (on previous edition)

“One of the best public relations textbooks on the market. While social media has changed public relations, research fundamentals have stayed the same. Stacks takes difficult theoretical and statistical concepts and makes them easy to understand, engaging readers through current, practical, and relevant examples. This primer can be used in nearly every communication or business discipline, and is a 'must have' for anyone practicing or learning about public relations.”
Tina McCorkindale, PhD, Department of Communication, Appalachian State University

“Many consider Stacks to be the world's leading expert on public relations research methodologies. The second edition of this superb book should be required reading for students and practitioners who want to help our field move away from the archaic, outputs-focused, one-way communication that is publicity and press-agentry, and toward strategic, outcomes-focused, two-way communication.”
Donald K. Wright, PhD, College of Communication, Boston University

“Looking through the text, I can't think of any topics that the author overlooked. Everything is fresh and current, which is vital for today's students. The second edition takes an excellent practical introduction to public relations research and improves on it by incorporating recent trends and practical examples to help students and practitioners understand the complexities of the field.”
Marcia W. DiStaso, PhD, College of Communications, The Pennsylvania State University

“Stacks provides an informed, in-depth examination of research in the context of public relations. Since research methods are not always favorite topics among practitioners and students, understanding the critical role of research in best practices provides the necessary motivation to delve deep into the subject matter. The chapter on ethical concerns in public relations research is a much-needed contribution.”
David M. Dozier, PhD, School of Journalism and Media Studies, San Diego State University

“Stacks has created the central repository of essential knowledge about why and how to conduct research that every public relations professional needs. Grounded in the fundamentals of communications theory, the book not only covers technical research skills, but also shows how to apply research to improve the day-to-day practice of public relations. This clear and practical book should become a standard reference on the desk of every public relations professional and should be required reading in every introductory course in the field.”
David Michaelson, PhD, President, Echo Research, Inc., New York

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Don W. Stacks

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