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“Designed for and with educators, this book goes beyond just describing the components of CPRT; it includes many examples of practices linked to student goals and objectives and determined by data-based progress monitoring. It is an excellent guide for effective implementation of evidence-based classroom strategies based on applied behavior analysis. The troubleshooting strategies and the companion DVD-ROM are useful features. I recommend this book to all educators as an outstanding, user-friendly resource.”
Laura J. Hall, PhD, Department of Special Education, San Diego State University

“The beauty of CPRT is its flexibility: these teaching procedures can be applied successfully to almost any learning goal, in virtually any setting. The approach maximizes students' attention and motivation for learning—regardless of their learning challenges—and its positivity is rewarding for both students and educators. The manual provides clear, concrete guidelines, forms, and sequences for those learning to use CPRT for the first time. Very few empirically supported autism interventions are applicable for both individuals and groups, making CPRT a unique and very promising tool for educators and therapists.”
Sally J. Rogers, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and MIND Institute, University of California, Davis

“The book is well organized, providing clear, systematic, and practical advice on designing classrooms for success. The numerous forms and data collection samples will save teachers many hours of preparation time and will lead to the rapid development of effective teaching environments. This book provides valuable tools for anyone seeking to utilize the data-based strategies embedded in CPRT.”
Andy Bondy, PhD, Cofounder, Pyramid Educational Consultants, Newark, Delaware

“This book offers teachers a set of powerful instructional tools for use with children with autism. It translates an evidence-based model into a practical application that can be adapted for students with different needs. There is enough detail—many books for teachers about autism are too superficial—yet it is also nontechnical and digestible. The format is organized and easy to follow, and the examples of both appropriate and inappropriate applications of CPRT are crystal-clear and based on experience. In other words, this book is truly authentic! This will be a useful text for intervention methods courses and autism certificate programs. Students will benefit by learning how to use a developmentally friendly version of applied behavior analysis in daily classroom instruction, and how to collect data while doing so.”
Rebecca J. Landa, PhD, Director, Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Kennedy Krieger Institute; Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“This 'must-have' resource illustrates how the evidence-based practice of CPRT can be implemented using naturalistic strategies for individual or group instruction. Eight clearly defined steps are described, from effectively gaining students' attention to rewarding their attempts to use new skills. The book provides superb examples of ways teachers can use their own creativity while maintaining the core principles of CPRT. It presents teaching strategies for academic skills as well as essential social, communication, and language skills—which must be prioritized in the IEPs of students with autism spectrum disorders—and includes useful forms and PowerPoints for planning, implementation, and progress monitoring.”
Lisa Ruble, PhD, Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology, University of Kentucky

“The volume is clearly laid out and the material is presented in a fashion that makes it easy to understand and apply. This is a great resource for anyone seeking a better understanding of how CPRT was developed, why it is effective, and how to implement it. Including reproducible data collection sheets, sample scenarios, and a helpful DVD-ROM, this book provides everything you need for successfully using this research-based intervention in your classroom.”
Stacia Collins, MEd, special education teacher, Reston, Virginia

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