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“An important contribution....Tasker and Golombok have made a significant body of literature much more accessible. This book would be especially useful to mental health professionals, activists, lawyers, and judges—anyone who might be involved in making decisions about the custody of children of lesbian parents....An important book about an important subject.”
Lesbian Review of Books

“There are few landmark studies of sexual orientation, but this is one of them.”
Journal of Marriage and the Family

“Situated nicely within the literature on sexual orientation and child development, this timely monograph is a valuable addition to courses on human sexuality, family, or gender. It is both accessible enough for undergraduates and comprehensive enough for graduate students.”

“How does parental sexual orientation affect child development? In this book, Tasker and Golombok describe their important new study of young adults who grew up with a lesbian mother. This is serious, ground-breaking research in an area of tremendous public interest, and it makes a major contribution to both scientific and political debates about lesbian motherhood. As such, the book will be of interest to lawyers and policymakers as well as to psychologists and other mental health professionals.”
Charlotte Patterson, Dept. of Psychology, University of Virginia

“This is a well-researched and thorough account of the issues affecting the sons and daughters of lesbians. On the basis of their well-designed research study and carefully considered conclusions, the authors effectively challenge assumptions about the ways in which parents of any sexuality influence their children's development. By comparison with a control group of people raised by divorced heterosexual mothers, a sense of perspective is maintained on peer stigmatization, development of sexual identity and relations with step-parents. If evidence has any effect on prejudice, this book should go a long way toward ending discrimination against lesbian mothers and reassuring those who need it that the children raised by lesbians are in no way disadvantaged or harmed by their upbringing. In fact, the book points to several benefits for children growing up in a lesbian-led family.”
Lisa Saffron, author of What About the Children? Sons and Daughters of Lesbians and Gay Men Speak About Their Lives and Challenging Conceptions- Planning a Family by Self-Insemination

“Perfect timing! This is the heart of Hawaii's landmark same-sex marriage case — what happens to children in same-sex couple households? Finally, a follow-up of boys and girls raised in lesbian-headed homes. Assumptions, prejudices, predictions, hopes, and fears aside — here are the facts!”
Richard Green, M.D., J.D., Research Director, Gender-Identity Clinic, Charing Cross Hospital, London; Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge; Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles

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Fiona L. Tasker
Susan Golombok

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