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“It's the relationship that matters! That message encapsulates this volume's critically important lesson for psychiatrists. Even when medications are the primary modality of treatment and sessions are brief, the psychiatrist-patient relationship is the hinge on which the efficacy of treatment depends. Attention paid to our patients as unique individuals rewards them as well as ourselves.”
Paul S. Appelbaum, MD, Zeleznik Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School

“This very valuable book emphasizes ways to improve clinical outcome through attention to developing and maintaining a therapeutic alliance through all phases of medication management, from the initial interview through the later stages of medication maintenance. The book is full of rich clinical examples that highlight both the opportunities and dilemmas that occur in the doctor-patient relationship. The authors place particular emphasis on using various interview techniques and understanding of transference and countertransference themes to improve outcome when the treatment is primarily pharmacologic. In this era of managed care and the rapid, 15-minute 'medication check' interview, psychiatrists need to be expert in using every tool in the clinical armamentarium. This book contains necessary information that will help every psychiatrist do a better job of treating patients.”
Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

“At last someone has written a practical work to help clinicians better manage pharmacologic treatment. The authors provide expert advice in a down-to-earth, easily understandable way on how to understand and use the doctor-patient relationship to improve compliance with treatment and enhance overall clinical outcome. This book should be required reading for psychiatrists at every stage of their careers, from residents through senior practitioners. A 'must' for every clinician's office.”
Charles Nemeroff, MD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University School of Medicine

“Understanding and managing the doctor-patient relationship in pharmacologic management is a critically important issue for every clinician. This is a well organized, easy-to-read, practical text. Using case examples, the authors expertly provide the reader with ways to better understand the interplay between psychopharmacology and the therapeutic relationship. This very useful book should be required reading for every clinician. I have no question that clinical outcomes will be improved when psychiatrists apply the materials in this book to their practices.”
Alan F. Schatzberg, MD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine, Stanford University

“It is clear that this book was written by physicians who accept themselves and their patients as part of a biopsychosocial system. By listening and asking specific questions, the prescriber who appreciates the biopsychosocial system provides comprehensive care, not just a quickly written prescription. The book is readable, well referenced, and provides multiple clinical examples of what works and what doesn't work. I would recommend this book to anyone who prescribes psychiatric medications. It also should be required reading in pharmacology courses at all levels.”
Patricia Mares Miller, RN, CS, NP, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan

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