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“This book, with its abundance of ideas and suggestions as well as background information, provides valuable insight and guidance for any literacy coach, whether the person is new to the position or is a seasoned coach seeking to further her professional development.”
Childhood Education

“Drawing on extensive recent research, this second edition provides an up-to-date look at the components, complexities, and complications of literacy coaching. Walpole and McKenna write in a direct and engaging style. They present relevant, practical information and advice for coaches, teachers, and administrators. The book covers the terrain of coaching with a level of expertise that is seldom seen. A 'must read.'”
D. Ray Reutzel, PhD, Emma Eccles Jones Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor of Early Literacy, Utah State University

“A tour de force. The authors know elementary classrooms in and out, and they know what literacy coaches should be well informed about and able to do. The second edition provides the latest research on coaching and reading instruction. It is filled with practical ideas that will assist coaches in their daily work in classrooms and schools. This is a great text for reading endorsement/coaching courses and administration courses for elementary principals.”
Janice A. Dole, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Utah

“This is an indispensable book for any educator involved in school reform surrounding literacy. It contains practical strategies and research for literacy coaches that could also inform the practices of teachers, reading specialists, and administrators. The grouping configurations, assessment systems, and representative schedules are particularly valuable. With its insight into professional development and leadership, the book will be especially useful for graduate students. No other text is as comprehensive and concrete, or has the potential to make such a difference in the lives of elementary students.”
Christine McNair, MSEd, English Language Arts Supervisor, Roanoke (Virginia) City Public Schools; Adjunct Instructor, Virginia Western Community College

“Walpole and McKenna have done a fantastic job of revising a book that was a lifesaver for me when I was training literacy coaches. Like the first edition, the second edition is packed with information; the expanded grade range and the rich research updates make it even more useful. This is an essential book for coaches as well as other educators seeking to implement lasting literacy changes to benefit students.”
Lisa Albert, EdS, third-grade teacher, Twin Oaks Elementary School, Leesburg, Georgia

“Walpole and McKenna have done it again! The second edition of this comprehensive guide incorporates current research and gives more attention to expectations at the preschool level and the impact of the Common Core State Standards on instruction and learning. The book is reader friendly; it's obvious that Walpole and McKenna have worked closely with literacy coaches in the field. They describe many different tools and resources that literacy coaches can use to do their job more effectively. This text is a valuable resource for those preparing reading specialists and coaches, and is a 'must read' for practicing coaches.”
Rita M. Bean, PhD, Professor Emerita, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh

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