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“Comprehensive and incisive....Especially impressive is the author's focus on vulnerable children and youths in traumatic circumstances, such as divorce or out-of-home care; her thoughtful consideration of the processes and methods of directly and indirectly helping children and young people; her evident knowledge of research in the area of child and family services in voluntary as well as governmental agencies; and her frequent use of apt case illustrations that vividly convey sound and effective practice....Webb is to be commended for greatly contributing to the tasks of instructors, particularly those in child welfare practice courses.”
Child and Family Social Work

“This third edition continues to make a valuable contribution to enhancing our understanding of how children's lives are affected by the systems around them. Webb uses specific examples and works outward from them in intuitive ways. Readers are invited to build on their own understandings and clinical experiences, regardless of the foundational knowledge they bring to the book.”
Todd Franke, PhD, Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities, University of California, Los Angeles

“Important themes include evidence-based practice, changing demographics, and the importance of cultural and ethnic sensitivity. Webb successfully demonstrates how evidence-based practice benefits both clients and agencies and promotes understanding of how to intervene in specific situations and with diverse populations of children. The assessment forms, diagrams, and charts are tremendously helpful, and the case scenarios succeed in demonstrating how to develop more fully informed assessment and intervention while effectively bridging macro (social context) content with micro (children/adolescents) and mezzo (families, groups) content. Webb's text is a 'must' for courses that focus on practice with children.”
Virginia Rondero Hernandez, PhD, LCSW, Department of Social Work Education, California State University, Fresno

“In lucid writing, Webb beautifully conveys the range and complexity of social workers' roles in intervention with children. Detailed case examples encompassing a range of problems and intervention approaches help the reader understand the realities of working with children and parents. Clear discussions of fundamental concepts make the book an excellent introduction for undergraduates, while Webb's practice sophistication and depth of understanding also make it an outstanding text for graduate students and resource for practitioners. Webb's wise and practical voice comes through on every page.”
Douglas Davies, MSW, PhD, School of Social Work, University of Michigan

“An excellent resource for the clinician, child advocate, or social work student. The book describes proven intervention methods and discusses the pitfalls and challenges of assisting children and their families in the 21st century. Numerous interesting case examples help the reader to envision specific problems, cultural influences, and applications. Useful books, games, and other resources for child practitioners are listed. This is an important text for all social work students.”
Kathleen Nader, DSW, Two Suns childhood trauma program, Cedar Park, Texas

“This book is a comprehensive compendium of good practice. It differs from many other social work texts in the attention it pays to using play therapy techniques, including drawings, puppets, and clay, to help children. In addition to being a social work expert, the author is a trained play therapist, and provides advice on the safe use of simple play therapy techniques as an indispensable aid to communication with children. She weaves the use of art and play into the whole book at appropriate points. Now in its third edition, this is a useful and creative book for all professionals (and those studying to be professionals) working with children.”
Marian Liebmann, PhD, Center for Personal and Professional Development, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

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Nancy Boyd Webb
James W. Drisko

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