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The Paper Office should be among the most well-thumbed works in the library of virtually anyone in independent practice....Thoughtful perusal of and decision-making based on this volume's detailed, inclusive, carefully crafted information should well equip mental health practitioners to establish or update sound and effective practice procedures and materials. Various chapters walk readers through myriad ethical and practical considerations that should underlie the policies and procedures governing their business....Zuckerman's book goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of procedures and record-keeping, however. Much of its value lies in the information and advice it provides on practicing ethically—and on thinking through challenging or complex situations and decisions. In the third chapter, the book imparts what is perhaps the most concise and crucial advice, with a list of 22 steps for risk reduction. For these nuggets alone, I believe this work is worth its weight in gold....The Paper Office will provide a lifeline especially for new psychologists when the mountain of knowledge necessary for running a practice looms so large. Veteran practitioners, too, will benefit from Zuckerman's newly revised book, particularly if they wish to review or revise their modus operandi or need help moving from handwritten charts into the electronic record-keeping age. Challenges large and small all seem more manageable with Zuckerman's thorough information, logically organized contents, and the sage know-how that comes from years of experience.”
The National Psychologist

“Once again, Zuckerman illuminates the complexities of the day-to-day operation of clinical practice. Among other areas, readers will find the currency of the sections on suicide, violence, and the duty to protect and warn especially useful and informative. From informed consent through termination and record storage, this is an important, 'must-read' text and resource manual for practitioners and clinical trainees alike.”
James R. Rogers, PhD, Co-Training Director, Collaborative Program in Counseling Psychology, University of Akron

The Paper Office is already a classic in the field, but this fourth edition kicks it up to the next level. Zuckerman has packed this book full of helpful forms, checklists, and important information that all clinicians need to know. Best of all, it is written for both early-career clinicians and seasoned veterans. Graduate training programs committed to preparing their students for the real work of clinical practice would be wise to make this text mandatory reading.”
David Verhaagen, PhD, ABPP, managing partner, Southeast Psychological Services, Charlotte, North Carolina

The Paper Office is a comprehensive, hands-on resource for both the novice and seasoned clinician. The fourth edition incorporates changes in clinical practice, changes in relevant case law and statutes, and updated references to the literature. Zuckerman assists the clinician in developing and maintaining a state-of-the-art clinical practice, including record-keeping procedures that cover everything from each step of the treatment process through the closing of your practice at retirement. I have relied on The Paper Office for years, and will use the ideas in this newest edition to update my current practice! I recommend that clinicians from all areas of mental health embrace the ideas and consider using the forms contained in this highly useful book.”
Jonathan W. Gould, PhD, ABPP, private practice, Charlotte, North Carolina

“How many times have you grumbled, while completing clinical, financial, and HIPAA records, 'There must be a better way!'? The Paper Office is that better way—the book and companion CD offer a treasure trove of clinical documents, financial tools, security procedures, consent forms, and record releases. This indispensable fourth edition is guaranteed to reduce your paperwork blues and make you a more savvy clinician!”
John C. Norcross, PhD, ABPP, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of Scranton

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Edward L. Zuckerman

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