The information you provide on this author/editor marketing questionnaire will help us promote your book as effectively as possible. Please submit the questionnaire as instructed below. Separately, email your current Curriculum Vitae and author/editor photo (as well as your co-authors'/co-editors', if applicable) to If you would prefer to save the questionnaire in a document and submit it via email with the other requested materials, you may request a copy of the questionnaire as a blank fillable Word document by emailing If it is more convenient to fax a printout of the questionnaire or Curriculum Vitae, do so to Carly DaSilva's attention at 212-966-6708. If faxing, first print out the blank questionnaire, then fill in values and fax.

This information is essential so we can ensure your book is marketed to its full potential. Thank you for taking the time to complete these questions.

If you are interested in learning more about promoting your book online, please refer to our author guidelines for developing your online presence and effectively using social media to promote your book.

We look forward to working with you.

Please note:

Section I: Personal Information

Business correspondence address, including present position:

Home correspondence address:

Country of birth:

Year of birth:

Co-Author/Co-Editor #1 Information:

Correspondence information:

Co-Author/Co-Editor #2 Information:

Correspondence information:

Co-Author/Co-Editor #3 Information:

Correspondence information:

If you have more than three co-authors/editors, please submit this questionnaire again with information for each of the remaining co-authors/editors. You do not need to fill-out the other information again.

Please email current Curriculum Vitaes for all co-authors/editors, along with your own, to

Your Photograph

Please send us a photo of you that we can include on your individual author page at and send to online trading partners who accept author photos. Please note, submitting a photo does not guarantee it will be featured in promotional materials.

The image should be in color and comprised of your head and shoulders, well-lit with no shadows, against a plain background. You should be dressed in professional or “business casual” attire. Please be sure that you have all the necessary permissions for use of your photograph. You may submit the picture as a high resolution digital image via email to Carly DaSilva, our marketing assistant (, or as a printed photo posted to Paul Gordon, Art Director, 370 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10001-1020. If you choose to submit via email, please do not send photo as a .bmp file, as our email system will reject the file.

If you would rather not send us your photo, please let us know.

Section II: Promotional Copy

Please provide us with two descriptions of your book that can serve as the basis for jacket copy and other marketing that Guilford will be providing for your book.

First, we need a short paragraph we can use to describe your book in ads or other space-limited promotions.

Second, we need a main description which should be at least 1.5 pages, double-spaced, and should address or include items in the list below. Please pay special attention to this description as it will be used as the basis for back cover copy and Guilford promotional materials. If your book is a new/revised edition, please specify in detail how it differs in content or approach from the previous edition.

  • What is special or unique about your book? (please emphasize key words)
  • What should be highlighted? (note special features such as interview extracts, case examples, unusual format, etc.)
  • Who is the principal audience for this book? Secondary?
  • What courses/disciplines might it be used for?
  • Will the work be used as a primary text or supplemental reading?

Section III: Endorsements

In our marketing process, we use endorsements for prepublication promotion, dust jackets, and other marketing promotions. Each endorsement need only be four to six sentences.

We typically try to obtain three publicity endorsements from prominent professionals. Please provide the names of five potential endorsers for our consideration. When submitting the names, please provide the email addresses, degrees, phone numbers, and best mailing address, along with any relevant background information. We will handle contacting prospective endorsers and sending your manuscript to those who agree to review it. Please be sure not to include contributors or chapter authors.

Notes on Special Endorsers:

    Multiple Audiences

    If your book addresses multiple audiences, please include an endorser from each area the book covers (for example, for a book on addictions and the family, you might want to have an addictions counselor and a family therapist both provide endorsements).

    Classroom Teachers

    If your book may appeal to classroom teachers from Pre-K to 12, please suggest a classroom teacher to provide an endorsement.


    For potential textbooks, please suggest a professor to provide an endorsement.


    Finally, if your book contains numerous chapter authors or contributors from overseas, or if you think the book is relevant for any foreign countries, please suggest an overseas endorser.

Because endorsements are critical to the pre-publication promotion of your book, we would appreciate receiving your suggestions as early as possible. Our policy is to provide endorsers with a complimentary copy of the book as soon as it is published.

Section IV: Marketing Section

The following information will help us effectively promote your upcoming book.

Please note: since this questionnaire is only given to the primary author, we ask that you seek input from your main co-authors/co-editors when appropriate. Please include co-author information about any websites, blogs, meetings attended, workshop opportunities, local bookstores, and university alumni departments, as necessary.

A. Internet:

Do you have your own website or “blog"? If so, please provide the URL and whether or not you would like a link from your book's information page here on the Guilford site. If you would like to post an excerpt from your Guilford book on your own site, please request permission from Guilford.

Please share with us the professional websites and blogs you read frequently. If appropriate, we’ll contact them to recommend reviews chapter excerpts, and other promotional ideas.

Amazon Author Central is a free service that allows authors to share their information on an “Author Page.” Authors can provide their bio, photo, and a link to their own website. Authors can also opt to include a discussion board in which they can participate. We recommend Amazon Author Central as an extra way to boost publicity for your book. If you are interested in signing up or would like more information, please visit Amazon Author Central.

Yes, I already have a profile

Quick Tip
Leverage Your Professional Contacts: If you are comfortable doing so, send an email to your colleagues and other professional contacts announcing the publication of your book. You might also ask them to consider posting a review on major bookselling sites like and Ideally, your book should have at least four positive reviews on each site.

Do you have access to (and permission to use) any online discussion groups to which you would like to send details of your book? Note that as a publisher we do not post to list-serves or discussion groups directly, but prefer to provide you with a short blurb for you to post, if it’s appropriate.

5. Social Networking If you have a professional Facebook or Twitter profile, please provide the URL(s) below. Our publicist will follow you on the outlet(s) provided and share your promotional posts about this book with our followers. If you have any other social media profiles you’d like to share with us, you can also include that information here.

If this title is child focused, please indicate the appropriate age range:

Who are the readers who will want to buy this book? If your book can also be used as a textbook, please be sure to complete the textbook section (Section G).

In which foreign countries or parts of the world would your book be especially relevant?

Please list similar or competing books, with the author, title, publisher, year of publication, and price. How do these books compare with your book (for instance, does your book have a different approach, cover a broader range, etc.)?

F. Textbooks (Only complete this section if your title has textbook potential):

Please let us know your speaking schedule so we can arrange to have promotional material such as books, display copies, or flyers available. Provide details including contact person, email address, and phone number if possible. Complete our Author Speaking Schedule form to keep us up to date. If you prefer, you may also email a detailed schedule to Visit Guilford's Conference Calendar for a listing of conferences we attend.

Workshops, seminars, and/or webinars you lead provide an excellent opportunity for promoting and selling your Guilford Press title. We can prepare flyers for your distribution, and/or work with the host sponsor to sell on-site or online. If the event is promoted online, we can work with the sponsor to provide ordering links and make other recommendations. If this applies to you, complete our Author Speaking Schedule form to let us know the details. We will assign a customer service representative who will arrange to have flyers and/or books available so please provide the name of the contact person, email address, and phone number for each event. (Please note: We can’t guarantee sponsors will take us up on our offer!)

We send out review copies to prominent professional journals. Please list any special-interest journals appropriate to your book that we should send review copies. If you are a regular reviewer or serve on an editorial board of any journal, please indicate. Also identify any well-known blogs that are close in topic to your book, so that we might be able to get review copies into the hands of relevant bloggers.

J. Mailing Lists:

K. Flyer Distribution—Personal Use: We are happy to provide print or PDF flyers for inclusion in personal and professional correspondence. Please email your requests to:

Are there any bookstores in your area or at your university that we should contact? Bookstores will usually stock titles of a local author if they know that the author will be referring people to them.

M. Other Publicity/Distribution Outlets:

Please list, in order of importance, past and forthcoming books or videos you have authored/edited (other than this one). Please include the title, co-author/editor (if applicable), publisher and year of publication.

If you have written any assessments, tests, scales, or other measures, please include their names here, as well as which test companies currently carry them.

Have any of these works been translated and published in a foreign language? Please give details (publisher, language, year or projected year of publication). We appreciate receiving this information and will contact these publishers to see if they want to translate your new title. Which of these titles is best known? Which should we cite in promotional materials?

Please remember to include with your questionnaire:

Thank you!


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