Best Practices in Adolescent Literacy Instruction

Second Edition

Edited by Kathleen A. Hinchman and Heather K. Sheridan-Thomas
Foreword by Donna E. Alvermann

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April 29, 2014
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April 30, 2014
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May 1, 2014
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“Provides an array of useful ideas to strengthen and enlarge teachers' approaches to adolescent literacy instruction....Recommended. Students of all levels.”

Choice Reviews (on the first edition)

“This volume provides a rich collection of ideas and strategies from top scholars in the field. It offers educators a roadmap for successfully promoting adolescents' comprehension, vocabulary development, and independent learning. The second edition responds to the enormous wave of change brought about by the CCSS. It describes ways teachers can expand their repertoire of instructional support across the content areas and engage students in close reading of increasingly complex texts.”

—Thomas W. Bean, PhD, Department of Teaching and Learning, Old Dominion University

“This second edition gives educators the latest tools to ensure all students are college and career ready. It reflects a commitment to providing students with high-quality instruction and equal access in all content areas—not just to meet current mandates, but to develop their critical thinking skills. As a leader committed to urban education, I find this book a valuable resource.”

—Margaret Morone-Wilson, MS, Director of Professional Development, Syracuse (New York) City School District

“In this second edition, you will find our best scholars addressing the most important issues and describing the most powerful instructional practices being used in secondary classrooms today. This volume continues to be one of the finest texts for teacher education and professional development in adolescent literacy. At a time when the contexts for literacy and literacy education have become complex and sometimes confusing, this book provides needed direction for us all.”

—Donald J. Leu, PhD, John and Maria Neag Endowed Chair in Literacy and Technology, University of Connecticut

“Secondary school teachers and curriculum coordinators are scouring the pedagogical landscape looking for resources like this one. The second edition offers insightful suggestions that will help us support our students in close reading of increasingly complex texts that incorporate challenging academic vocabulary. The book provides research-based strategies for helping students become more adept at writing from sources and using evidence to support their answers.”

—Brian Kesel, MS, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, West Genesee Central Schools, Camillus, New York

“Bringing together prominent thinkers and leaders, this comprehensive, highly accessible volume offers compelling descriptions of exemplary practices, grounded in the latest research. From a stance of respect for adolescents, the authors share their remarkable insights and unique approaches for engaging students' literacies. Not only does the volume address academic realities, but it also maintains a deliberate and persuasive emphasis on adolescents' lifelong learning and personal fulfillment. This 'must-read' book will inform and inspire novice and experienced teachers and teacher educators.”

—Micki M. Caskey, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, Graduate School of Education, Portland State University

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