Borderline Disorders

Clinical Models and Techniques

Eda G. Goldstein

October 5, 1990
ISBN 9780898624427
Price: $49.00
240 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

“Worthwhile for those...hoping for help with the difficult treatment problems posed.”

Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research

“A theoretically comprehensive, extremely well-written book, it is sure to satisfy the information needs of the beginner as well as the most advanced clinician...An excellent book, well worth reading.”

Journal of Analytic Social Work

“In the voluminous literature on Borderline Disorders there has long been a need for a balanced and enlightened overview. Using her intimate acquaintance with the varieties of traditional Freudian, Object Relations, and Self Psychology conceptualizations of these vexing afflictions, Eda Goldstein presents to the reader a clear description of the contending viewpoints and their clinical consequences....Unconstrained by fixed loyalties, the book reflects over a decade of wide experience by a mature therapist and researcher. It is well written and, in spite of the complexity of the topic, Goldstein makes the concepts and practices of contemporary psychotherapists accessible not only to their colleagues but to any interested reader.”

—Ernest S. Wolf, M.D.

“A much needed book that greatly clarifies the complexities of treating the borderline condition and illustrates the effective application of the various psychological approaches now available. Practitioners will find it extremely informative and useful. The case examples of treatment techniques for many approaches, including self psychology and object relations theory, are very rich.”

—Marjorie Taggart White, Ph.D.

“BORDERLINE DISORDERS: A CLINICIAN'S GUIDE is an admirable analysis of the work of principle theorists and the application of their theories to the clinical setting. Covering outpatient treatment of individual, couple, family, and group as well as hospital modalities, this is an absorbing book that clinicians will welcome as an addition to their libraries.”

—Miriam Elson

“The recent outpouring of texts devoted to the borderline disorder presents the reader with a dizzying and conflicting account of etiology and treatment approaches. Dr. Goldstein's book provides greater order and comprehension because she succinctly and clearly presents and compares the different models of etiology....She ably demonstrates her extensive experience as a teacher, practitioner, researcher, and advanced scholar, as she provides a flexible, humane, and optimistic orientation for effective clinical work with this complex, often taxing patient population. Both beginner and advanced practitioner will appreciate the thoroughness of her presentation and the clarity of her very real case illustrations.”

—Judith Mishne

“The Borderline client is one of the most perplexing and challenging type of presenting situation faced by most clinicians in the Human Services professions. Here we have a thorough, up-to-date, therapist-friendly text that will be a welcome addition to the libraries of clinicians, students, and professors.”

—Frank J. Turner