Cognitive Methods in Social Psychology

Abridged Edition

Edited by Karl Christoph Klauer, Andreas Voss, and Christoph Stahl

October 8, 2012
ISBN 9781462509133
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415 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"
Copyright Date: 2011

Introduction: Cognitive Methods in Social Psychology: Inferring Latent Processes, Andreas Voss, Christoph Stahl, and Karl Christoph Klauer

1. The Assessment of Human Attention, Elaine Fox, Nazanin Derakshan, and Helen Standage

2. The Sequential Priming Paradigm: A Primer, Adriaan Spruyt, Anne Gast, and Agnes Moors

3. Response Interference Tasks as Indirect Measures of Automatic Associations, Bertram Gawronski, Roland Deutsch, and Rainer Banse

4. Evaluative Conditioning: Methodological Considerations, Jan De Houwer

5. Working Memory Capacity in Social Psychology, Brandon J. Schmeichel and Wilhelm Hofmann

6. Psycholinguistic Methods in Social Psychology, Klaus Fiedler, Malte Friese, and Michaela Wänke

7. Metacognition: Methods to Assess Primary versus Secondary Cognition, Derek D. Rucker, Pablo Briñol, and Richard E. Petty

8. Peripheral Psychophysiological Methods, Ursula Hess

9. Event-Related-Potential Methods in Social Cognition, David M. Amodio and Bruce D. Bartholow

10. Neuroimaging Methods in Social Cognition, Susanne Quadflieg and C. Neil Macrae

11. Multinomial Models and Diffusion Models, Karl Christoph Klauer, Christoph Stahl, and Andreas Voss

12. Connectionist Simulation as a Tool for Understanding Social Cognition and Neuroscience Frank Van Overwalle