Cognitive Methods in Social Psychology

Abridged Edition

Edited by Karl Christoph Klauer, Andreas Voss, and Christoph Stahl

October 8, 2012
ISBN 9781462509133
Price: $49.00
415 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"
Copyright Date: 2011

“A detailed and tightly-edited book....Simply put, members of the discipline who ignore this intriguing book, its insights on theory development, and its methodological 'how to' focus, do so at their intellectual peril.”

Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

“Social psychologists have been waiting for a book like this for years. Finally, in one place, a practical how-to guide to the most widely used methods for conducting social-cognitive research. The contributors do a wonderful job of explaining both the best uses for these measures and the details of implementing them effectively. These chapters will be assigned in countless graduate seminars, and every social-psychological researcher will want to own this book as a reference.”

—Jeffrey Sherman, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of California, Davis

“To understand the cognitive processes involved in social phenomena, social psychologists routinely borrow methods from cognitive psychology. This book offers an excellent overview of these methods and ensures that readers can make good use of them. Each chapter covers one methodological approach, from its theoretical rationale and social-psychological applications to the nuts and bolts of its implementation in the laboratory. The book is suitable for graduate-level research methods classes in psychology and is highly recommended for seasoned researchers as well.”

—Norbert Schwarz, PhD, Charles Horton Cooley Collegiate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan