Collaborating with Parents for Early School Success

The Achieving-Behaving-Caring Program

Stephanie H. McConaughy, Pam Kay, Julie A. Welkowitz, Kim Hewitt, and Martha D. Fitzgerald

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October 15, 2007
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I. For Program Administrators

1. Building a Foundation for the ABC Program

2. Recruiting and Training Parent Liaisons

3. Selecting and Implementing a Social Skills Curriculum

4. Selecting Child and Family Participants for ABC's PTAR Teams

5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the ABC Program

II. For Parent Liaisons

6. Enlisting Parent Participation in ABC

7. Getting Ready for PTAR Meetings

8. The First PTAR Meeting(s): Reaching Mutual Goals

9. The Action Research Cycle: Collecting Data

10. The Action Research Cycle: Reflection, Analyzing Data, and Practical Theory

11. The Action Research Cycle: Brainstorming Ideas, Action Plan, Getting Support and Permission

12. Questions, Challenges, and Transitions