Couple Therapy for Infertility

Ronny Diamond, Mimi Meyers, David Kezur, Constance N. Scharf, and Margot Weinshel

September 7, 1999
ISBN 9781572305113
Price: $43.00
243 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

This volume describes in step-by-step detail a unique therapeutic approach developed to treat couples confronting the painful challenge of infertility. Therapists learn how they can help couples accept the possibility of not having genetically related children; acknowledge each other's feelings and deal with problems that may arise in their relationship; and assess the potential gains, pitfalls, and psychological effects of available treatment options. Detailed guidelines are set forth for implementing therapeutic interventions in each of five unique stages typically experienced by couples. Illuminating the tasks that couples and therapists face throughout the process, the book is illustrated with extensive case examples that bring the material to life. A useful Appendix provides current information on medical evaluation and treatment.